Commanders Revenge



well the latest and last update (by this author) to commanders revenge it adds some nice stuff like AZUI compatibility and gave the uef the old cannons, also some bug fix's to the uef overcharge and teleport. he also made the cybran arty midrage (not sure if that's farther or shorter) but its a nice update and I hate to see this be the end but... oh well who knows some one else may take it up :p

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This is an Extended Version of Commanders Revenges
Its based on asdrubaelvect Version.
The Models and the UEF Commander are from asdrubaelvect.
Some Changes on Models and the Serahim Commander is from me

Its Include the UEF,Cybran,Aeon and Serahim Commander.
It makes the Commanders very Strong and give them some new Upgrades. Very Happy

- First Release in new Thread. Recommend:Delete older Version.
- Add: New Weapon(OblivionGun) for Aeon Commander.
- Add: New Upgrade Icons.
- Changed: Increased the Weapondamage of Aeon Upgrades.
- Changed: UEF Drones Respawn after get destroyed.
- Add:T4 for UEF/Aeon/Cybran Commanders to make it more compatible with BlackOps Unleashed Unitpack.
- Add New Weapon(Miniguns) for UEF Commander.
- Fixed some small Bugs.
- Changed: All Commanders are stonger and faster.
- Changed: A lot of things.
- Add: Total Veterancy Support.
- Add: Seraphim Commander with 3 new Weapons.
- Changed: Folder Name. Recommend:Delete older Version.
- Fixed: Damage Bug with UEF Weapon.
- Fixed: Bug with manual Attack Order.
- Removed: Extreme Edition.
- Add: Small Mod that do the same as the Extreme Edition.
- Add: New Upgradesystem.
- Changed: Reworked UEF Commander Model.
- Add: Better Total Veterancy Support.
- Add: UEF Drones guard Commander after (re)spawn.
- Add: UEF Drones Teleport with Commander.
- Add: (Total Veterancy)UEF Drones get XP back after get killed.
- Add: AISupport.
- Fixed: Some bugs with Total Veterancy and Buffs.
- Changed: Reworked the Upgradesystem for better UI Mods support. Especially AZUI.
- Changed: Cybran Artillery is now a midrange Artillery.
- Fixed: UEF overcharge weapon.
- Fixed: UEF drones Teleport bug
- Add: The old Mega cannons.
- Fixed: Unable to Build without installed AZUI 

Unzip in the Forged Alliance Mods folder.
Windows Vista:
C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy GamesGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander Forged AllianceMods
Windows XP:
C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEMy DocumentsMy GamesGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander Forged AllianceMods

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