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well here is a bug fix patch (wow its just like the name:rolleyes: ) this is an unofficial community patch to fix some of the bugs in FA cause their is allot. but you dont want to.... hear:confused:... Read me talking :p.

err nvm just dload and play NOW:eek: - Eluvatar





This is a modification for the PC game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The aim for this mod is to fix all the
bugs and issues that are still in the game. It doesn't add any units or factions, nor does it add functionality.
Having said that, this mod does contain additional code that makes it easier for modders to create their own unit 
modifications based on the Community Bug Fix Patch.
This release fixes a total of 45 bugs, exploits and issues. A list of fixed bugs can be found below.

This mod is a community effort. This means that the creators of this mod are in no way (directly) affiliated with
either GPG or THQ. We're just regular Supreme Commander players who know a thing or 2 about modding the game. And
we love to play Supreme Commander!
Many people have worked together to come up with the bug fixes in this mod. If you have a bug fix yourself come
over to forum thread (address below) and post it. Why keep it to yourself if you can help the entire Community with
your fix? If you find a bug in the game that isn't fixed yet in the most recent version of the COmmunity Bug Fix 
Patch feel free to let us know at the same internet address. We really want to know about all bugs you find!

Here's a list of people that helped creating this mod
- Gowerly
- Ragnarok_X
- Legion Darrath
- Ze_PilOt
- DeadMG
- Ornedan
- Moritz
- Combine
- Kirvesnaama
- Recon
- Pawz
- BulletMagnet
- Timberwolf
- Commander_Tobias (testing)
- CerusVI (testing)
and ofcourse me (Brute51)
Thanks everyone for your efforts!

More information at: http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=30562

Highly recommended modifications:
- Community Balance Patch    ( http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=30653 )
      Tries to change the balance each faction so that it comes down to your expertise as Supreme Commander, not to
      your factions (dis)advantages over other factions whether you win or lose. This is another community project.
- AZ's less-laggy-UI mod    ( http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?p=442310 )
      AnrgyZealot's UI is an attempt at fixing certain peculiarities regarding the Supreme Commander: Forged 
      Alliance interface and lag.
- Duncane's AI patch    ( http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=23929 )
      Fixes lots of bugs for the computer players. Also tries to make the AI more of a challange
- Sorian AI    ( http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=22908 )
      A very challanging AI, can easily beat all stock AI's.

Many more mods can be found at the official Supreme Commander forums at:  http://forums.gaspowered.com/index.php


- This is compatible only with Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It is not compatible with the vanilla version of
  Supreme Commander.
- This is not an official patch. You cannot and will never be able to play ranked games with this mod enabled.
- All human players that you want to play with must have this mod installed.
- Much effort has gone into making this mod compatible with the vast majority of other mods. It is at least
  compatible with the other Community mods, Duncane's fixed AI mod, Sorians AI mod. 


- a legitimate Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance installation fully patched to version 1.5.3599
- about 400kb of free harddrive space (yes, that's a tiny bit!)


Here's a list of bugs in Forged Alliance that're fixed with this mod:

NEW IN v3:
- Aeon Tactical Missile Defense build preview now shows correct range
- The T3 engineering suite enhancement for the ACU (all factions) now has correct HP regeneration rate increase
- Some units can no longer build units that they shouldn't be able to build
- It is no longer possible to get SCU enhancements for a lower cost
- The UEF T2 Cruiser can now simultaniously attack air units and launch it's cruise missiles
- The Aeon optics facility no longer draws energy when trying to scry an area while the Optics Facility is paused
- Strategic missiles won't collide with the satellites of the UEF Novax experimental
- The Cybran Scathis experimental no longer refuses to fire in some situations
- The Cybran hoplite now occupied the correct number of transport slots
- The Seraphim T2 assault bot now has the correct strategic icon
- The Seraphim T3 assault tank now follows the contours of the terrain
- Veteran HP regeneration buffs now stack with ACU and SCU enhancements
- This is a partial fix: units half in and half out of the water can now be hit easier
- Aeon T3 artillery units now have proper effects
- The Seraphim ACU now plays a sound when capturing something, like other engineer units do
- The Cybran and Aeon naval factories and Aeon Tactical Missile Defense can now be hit by torpedoes (properly)
- Torpedoes dropped by the Aeon T3 Torpedo Bomber can not be outrun by fast ships anymore
- Factories no longer destroy their last created unit upon their own destruction
- The strategic missile on the Seraphim T3 Battleship now has the proper warning and detonation sound.
  Additionally, the strategic missile no longer has that very high altitude, it now behaves like all other
  strategic missiles.
- The Seraphim T1 mobile anti-air unit no longer shoots at the ground when attacking an aircraft while moving
- The Seraphim ACU can no longer be manipulated into getting a big area of effect weapon
- The UEF ACU has an enhancement that gives it 2 rover units. When a rover is destroyed the other rover is no
  longer reset.
- The 'No nukes' and 'No Game ender' unit restrictions now also remove strategic missile defenses and the Seraphim
  experimental strategic missile launcher. With either of these unit restrictions turned on the game won't allow 
  mobile strategic missile launchers (like strategic subs) to build and launch a strategic missile (the build 
  icons are still present though). The UEF advanced tactical missile enhancement (billy) will NOT be removed!
- Units captured or given by a friendly player now retain most of their statistical data like unit kills, veteran
  level, shield strength and missile ammunition.
- The Seraphim ACU now gets the correct HP increase from the T3 engineering suite enhancement
- Flak anti-air weapons can no longer damage the UEF T3 transport and it's cargo when it's shield is enabled and
- All Seraphim naval factories now have their rolloff points correctly set
- Air staging units (including the fatboy) can no longer be hurt by anti-aircraft weapons fired by interceptors
  and air superiority fighters when a plane is docked
- Seraphim T1 mobile artillery no longer refuses to fire in some situations
- Some units can no longer be manipulated to fire at incredible ranges
- Shields no longer stay up in specific situations when there's no energy to feed the shields with
- Units with 0 HP now always die
- Mass extractors that are paused while upgrading now stop draining mass needed for the upgrade
- Beam weapons that do not use a continious beam (such as the Seraphim and Cybran T2 point defenses) now do the
  correct amount of damage
- All bomber aircraft are now more accurate
- The Restoration field enhancement on the Seraphim ACU no longer permanently buffs nearby units. If they leave the
  field the fields effect is removed.
- The nano-repair enhancement on Seraphim support commanders now increases the SCU's HP by the correct amount
- Seraphim support commanders can't be reclaimed anymore
- The Cybran strategic missile now detonates at ground level making it better against shields. It is now as good
  or bad against shields as the other strategic missiles.
- The shield on the Aeon T3 assault bot can no longer be damaged by nearby area of effect explosions
- The UEF T3 point defense now has it's thread level set correctly
- The defense satellite of the UEF Novax experimental no longer takes unit capacity. Additionally, the Novax ground
  station now launches it's satellite even when the unit capacity is reached.
- Seraphim strategic missiles can now damage the structure it was launched from aswell
- The Aeon optics facility no longer does weird with the adjacency bonus
- The Aeon rapid-fire artillery no longer does weird with the adjacency bonus

Changes in the mod itself:

V2 -> V3
- Removed T2 torpedo bomber from torpedo outrun bug. The T2 bomber has depth charges, the T3 bomber has torpedoes.
- Fixed Seraphim T1 mobile aa unit so it can now fire from both muzzles again
- Removed custom made event callback register function (using OnCreate() instead)
- Added the means to softcode file and mod paths (see docs)
- Added a couple more unit events (see docs)
- Added a buff field class and replaced Seraphim Restoration field with it (see docs)
- Added 2 parameters for in unit blueprints to the remote viewing class which can be used to tweak the Aeon Optics
  facility or similar units.
- Added a parameter to the factory class for in unit blueprints that can be used to give factories a (longer) 
  rolloff time.
- Improved code for Beam weapon damage bug fix
- Improved code for unit restriction bug fix
- Improved code for UEF T3 transport and Aeon T3 assault bot bug fixes
- Improved code for unit retaining data when given to other person. Added fix for captured units aswell. Also
  fixed a bug that could be used to exploit this bug fix.
- Fixed bug that prevented airplane wreckages from damaging units
- Made all code as mod friendly as it possibly can be
- Added an icon for the mod (thanks Kirvesnaama!)
V1 -> V2
- Removed lots excess files and code (mod size went from megabytes to kilobytes!)
- Fixed some bugs that were said to be fixed but weren't really fixed
- Added custom event callback register function
- Added many new unit events (useful for unit modders!)

Thanks you for reading all this! Now go play and enjoy the game!

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