Cybran Ennui Class



Name: Ennui Class Author: GPG (Command Class) Version: 1.0 Faction: Cybran Energy: 39500 Mass: 3950 Build Time: 9000 Built by: Tech 3 naval factory Weaponry: 8x ballistic missiles 4x AA cannons 6x torpedo launchers Abilities: submersible

Installation: Copy the URS_EnCl.scd file into the; "\Supreme Commander\gamedata\" folder. Run the game and activate the mod through the front end "Extras -> Mod Manager" menu.

Additional Notes: Tried (not really) to balance this one. Due to the amount of torpedos it fires it was tearing everything apart. Torpedo damage has been reduced and health slightly increased.

Might be some issues with single sided planes when the thing sinks. If you don't look for them you won't find them.

You'll need the latest patch as of now (1.3251) due to the layout of some of the games libraries. I can't use the GPGNet downloader as it keeps hanging my machine with a 16bit DOS error so I had to download the patch off of a third party website (any errors will, no doubt, be caused by this).

Contact: [email protected] URL: www.12pandas.co.uk


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