Dark Destiny



A island group landscape for those navel commanders. Each army well start in there own large island either to the NE, SE, SW, and NW. Each commander starts with 2 mass extraxtres. There are 2 mass extracters the small isalnds to the north, south, east, and to the west. The large island in the center is rich with mass and some hydrocarbon plants. Suround yourself with navel froces and use the navy to take the cenetr island. You can build on some of the small islands(maybe some artillary). Are you destined to have that rich island or die for it.



MapName: Dark Destiny

MapInfo: Tihs is a 20x20 4 Plyer map. Each plyer starts on there own
island(NE corner, SE corner, SW corner, and NW corner). There are 2
more MassEx on two small islands to the north, east, south, and west.
The rest of the MassE are on the island in the center of the map.There 
are also 4 hydrcarbon plants on the center island. Have fun fighting 
for that center island. 

Install: Just put the folder Dark Destiny in your maps folder. Put 
the env folder in your main supreme commander directory. If you al-
ready have that folder in your main directory just put the subfolder
(its also called Dark Destiny) in your env folder. If that dosent 
work just take out the 2 dds files in that folder and put them in 
your env folder.

By: lord_maniac 

email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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