FA Airstaging Firebase Update



There's not much to say about this file. It's just a quick update to Resinsmoker's popular Airstaging Firebase mod. The author added four lines of code to add support for the Supreme Commander expansion pack, Forged Alliance. However, the structures still only apply to the original 3 factions from the first game.

Overall, there isn't much that's exciting about this update. I would have enjoyed an update with a Seraphim firebase as well. However, it is pretty fun to play with one of my more favorite mods in the expansion pack. Still, everytime I turn the game on, I long for the Seraphim Airstaging Firebase. So everyone must now get down on their knees and beg for him to release another update.

While not included in the readme, I think installation is obvious. Just dump the .scd file into the old gamedate folder and viola! You're done!

So, in the end, if you want to play with the mod in Forged Alliance, feel free to download and enjoy to your hearts content. Hopefully, Resinsmoker will release an update with a Seraphim base and we'll all live happily even after. It's still a great mod, regardless.




This is a Quick and Dirty Update for only the Airstaging Firebases created by Resin_Smoker. All I did was add 4 lines of script to make it
compatable with FA.
Here they are:
UEF Platform
ImpactEffects = 'UEFShieldHit01',
ImpactMesh = '/effects/entities/ShieldSection01/ShieldSection01_mesh',
Mesh = '/effects/entities/Shield01/Shield01_mesh',
MeshZ = '/effects/entities/Shield01/Shield01z_mesh',

Aeon Platform
ImpactEffects = 'AeonShieldHit01',
ImpactMesh = '/effects/entities/ShieldSection01/ShieldSection01_mesh',
Mesh = '/effects/entities/AeonShield01/AeonShield01_mesh',
MeshZ = '/effects/entities/Shield01/Shield01z_mesh',

Cybran Platform
ImpactEffects = 'CybranShieldHit01',
ImpactMesh = '/effects/entities/ShieldSection01/ShieldSection01b_mesh',
Mesh = '/effects/entities/CybranShield01/CybranShield01_mesh',
MeshZ = '/effects/entities/Shield01/Shield01z_mesh',

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