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this mod changes allot about how you play supcom it makes all of the races more diverse (hence the name :p) for example the uef are now a turtle race the aeon have high accuracy but low health and long range cybran are fast and use stealth with weak units and cost allot seraphim are very strong have less unique units but cost allot

but this is just an example it goes allot more into it in the readme so read on :p

- Eluvatar




ARE ACCUURATE.  READ THEM TO LEARN MORE.                                    
For those of you with more patience:
Table of contents

1.  Concept
2.  Faction themes
3.  New units
4.  Tier structure
5.  Balance changes
6.  Misc

1.  Concept

The Faction Diversity mod is intended to make the relatively pale factions of Supreme Commander more colorful and different from one 

another.  I did this by introducing factional themes and faction-specific units.  I also removed some units based on how a faction 

is supposed to operate over-all.

Additionally, I overhauled the balance in the game to eliminate the prominence of some things, like T3 air.  Fast T3 air is no 

longer abundantly overpowered.  Additionally, siege units (like MMLs and T3 mobile artillery) have been boosted to increase their 

usefulness in cracking bases.

2.  Faction Themes

UEF:  Well armored and well-prepared
UEF has more unit types and unit roles than every other faction.  UEF likes to be well prepared by having a unit for every purpose.  

UEF is the faction to which the other are compared.  The UEF's unique system is Jamming (On the T1 frigate, T3 gunship, and T2 

Sparky Engineer)
Strengths:  All units and structures have increased armor, All unit roles remain in-tact
Weaknesses:  Most units are slower than their counterparts, No submarines
Unique Unit Roles:  Mobile PD, SMD, Jamming
Tactics:  Play defensively, use specific counter unit to every enemy unit, don't be caught off-guard!

Aeon:  Efficient and Accurate
Aeon never liked the big, hulking units of the UEF and designed a more effective way of dealing with enemies.  Aeon units are 

designed to destroy equivalent enemy units while costing less because of their sleek design.  Aeon units generally cost less and 

have greater range than other units, but are more fragile.
Strengths:  High LOS, High Damage, Low cost, Air is at Tech 1
Weaknesses:  Low HP,  No Air-To-Ground (bombers/gunships, No Surface-to-Air (AA towers/flak), No Radar, No TMLs 
Unique Unit Roles:  Stationary TMD, LOS extension systems, ASF, Shield Bomber
Tactics:  Counter with like units, kill subs with subs, kill ints with ints, kill tanks with tanks.  Your units are cheaper and can 

go toe-to-toe with the enemy!

Cybran:  Fast and stealthy
Cybran units were designed with versatility in mind, and nothing is more versatile than sheer speed.  Most Cybran units come 

equipped with a secondary function, enabling them to do more than thier counterparts.  The downside is that Cybran units are usually 

weaker and more expensive than thier counterparts.
Strengths:  Stealth, Mobile Stealth,  Effective and cheap radar systems, Fast units, early Navy, early subs, high-powered AA
Weaknesses:  Expensive units, very low LOS, no PDs, no Torp Defenses
Unique Unit Roles:  Spy Plane, Missile Submarine, Stun units
Tactics:  Focus on cross-counters, use powerful AA to kill air units, use torp bombers vs sea, use and and sea vs land threats.  

Also, use your speed and stealth!  

Seraphim:  Fewer Units
Seraphim are truely alien in design.  Seeking to be effective in their invasion they sought to take as few units as possible into 

battle.  Thus, most seraphim units are a combination of 2 or more equivalent enemy units.  Unfortunately, they also usually cost twice 

as much.
Strengths:  Very powerful, units are a combination of more opposing factions' equivalents
Weaknesses:  Very expensive, fewer total units, no unique unit roles
Tactics:  Use very few units, but put them to solid use.  Remember that most of your units can do as well as 2 equivolent enemy 

units!  (Don't forget to use combat engineers to expand quickly early on!)

3.  New units

Every faction has new units, or old units that do different things.

T2 Repair Truck: repairs about 10 hp per second for all friendly units nearby.  Roughly as fast as a tank.

T3 Carpet Bomber:  Large, well armored bomber capable of bombing a wide area.  The target and a large areas behind the target will 

be doused in deadly napalm.  The bomber itself is, unfortunately, rather slow for a T3 air unit.

T1 Flare Guard:  Based on Flare, this unit is designed to guard engineers during expansion.  Slightly faster than engineer, costs as 

much as 2 tanks.  It's shield is designed defend it and it's guardee.  It's cannon can repel more T1 threats, but it is vulnerable 

to any units that slip underneath the shield.

T1 Scout Boat:  A simple boat.  Cheap to build, quick, and has large LOS.  Otherwise rather fragile.

T2 Illuminator:  Based on shield disruptor, this unit will fire on any groun unit at long range.  It cannot do damage, but anything 

it hits is instantly lit up by line of sight, enabling other units to attack it.

T2 Shield Bomber:  Although incapable of doing damage, the T1 shield bomber can temporarily disable PDs and AA towers by placing a 

shield around them, containing thier fire.  Use in support of ground attacks or air drops for best effect.

T3 Airborne Beacon:  Based on the Mercy, this unit provides wide-area LOS for the duration of it's fuel life (5 minutes).  It cannot 

be refueled and only provides LOS when airborne.  Use wisely.

T1 Termite:  Based on Hunter, has stealth and cloak for only -5, even when moving.  Does low damage at low range, can be detected by 

omni. ( Omni comes from Omni sensors.  Land Scouts also have short-range omni.)

T2 Stun Walker:  Based on Hoplite.  Fires rockets at long range.  Rockets stun on impact, but do little damage.  Fires rockets with 

low degree of accuracy.

T2 Hacker Truck:  Expensive and slow, but well armored.  Can quickly capture any nearby enemy units.  Must be ordered to do so.

T3 Fire Starter:  Based on Fire Beetle.  Stuns all targets in a small area.  Incapable of inflicting damage, but well armored and 


T3 Bug Zapper:  Based on Revenant.  Airborne TMD will shoot down TMLs in a wide area when in flight.


T1 Combat Expander:  Based on Selen: Tech 1 combat engineer that has a small gun, decent armor, and can build mex and walls.

4.  Tier structure

Tier Zero (ACU)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
Pgen 	 	x		 x		  x			x	
Mex	 	x		 x		  x			x
LandFac	 	x		 x		  x			x
Wall	 	x	     	x		  x			x
T1 Radar 	-		 -		  x			-

Tier 1 (T1 Engineer)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
PD		 x		 x		  x			x	
AA		 x		 x		  x			-
Torp	 	 x		 x		  -			x (+sonar)
Sonar		 x		 x		  -			-
Radar	 	 x		 -		  x			-
Nav Fac		 -		 -		  x			-
Air Fac		 -		 x		  -			-
Hydro		 x		 x		  x			x

Tier 2 (T2 Engie)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran	             Seraphim
Mex		 x		 x		  x			x
E Stor	 	 x		 x		  x			x
M Stor	 	 x		 x		  x			x
Stealth	 	 -		 -		  x			x
AirStage 	 x		 x		  x			x
T2 Rad		 x		 -		  x			-	
T2 Son		 x		 x		  -			-
Arty	 	 x		 x		  -			x
Nav Fac	 	 x		 x		  -			x
Air Fac		 x		 -		  x			-
TMD		 -		 x		  -			-

Tier 3 (T3 Engie)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
PD2		 x		 x		  -			x
Flak		 x		 -		  x			-
Torp2		 x		 x		  -			x (+sonar)
Mex2		 x		 x		  x			x
Fab		 x		 x		  x			x
Pgen2		 x		 x		  x			x
TML		 x		 -		  x			x
T2 Son		 x		 x		  -			-
Omni		 x		 x		  x			x
Gate		 x		 x		  x			x
SMD		 x		 -		  -			-
Air TMD		 -		 -		  x			-

Tier 5 (SCU)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran	             Seraphim
PD3		 x		 -		  -			-		
Shield	 	 x		 x		  -			x
SML		 x		 -		  x			-
ExpShp		Bship		MissCr		BShip	   	      Bship
ExpGrnd	Fatty		 GC		  ML		     Ythotha
ExpAir		Novak		CZAR	  	  SR		     Ahwassa
Intel		-		Eye		   -			-

Tier 1 (Land Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
Scout		 x		 x		  x			-
Tank		 x		 x		  x			x
Engie		 x		 x		  x			x
Special	        Repair		FlareG	        Termite		    Combat Engi
Special2 	 -	         -	      Stun Mortar	   Mobile AA/Radar

Tier 2 (Land Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		    Seraphim
Art		 x		 x		  -			x
MML		 x		 -		  x			x
AA		 x		 -		  x			-
Special	 	 -	     Illuminator	  -		        -		 

Tier 3 (Land Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran	      Seraphim
Tank/Bot 	Tank		Tank	 	 Tank	        Bot
Flak		 x		 -		  x		x (+radar)
Arty3		 x		 x		  -		x
MML2	 	 x		 -		  x		-
Special	 	Shield	 	Shield	       Stealth        Shield

Tier 1 (T1 Air Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim (on land fac)
Bomber		 x		 -		  x			-
Int		 -		 x		  -			x
Trans	 	 x		 x		  x			x

Tier 2 (T2 Air Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim (on land fac)
TorpB		 x		 -		  x		        x (+bomber) 
Scout		 x		 x		  -			-
Int		 x		 -		  x			x(+scout)
Jester		 -		 -		  x			-

Tier 3 (T2 Air Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		    Seraphim (on land fac)
Tran2		 x		 x		  x			x (+gunship)
Gunship		 x		 -		  x			-
Special      Crpt Bmbr		Mercy	      Airborne TMD		-

Tier 1 (T1 Naval Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran               Seraphim
Engie		 x		 x		  x			x
Frig		 x		 x		  -			x
Sub		 -		 -		  x			-
Spec	       	 -	       Scout	          -                     -

Tier 2 (T2 Naval Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
Sub		 -		 x		  -			x
Boat		torp		 x	        Intel                   -
Frig		 -		 -		  x			-
Amph tank	 x		 x		  x			x

Tier 3 (T3 Naval Fac)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		     Seraphim
Sub2		 -		 x		  x			-
Cruis		 x		 x		  -			x
Special	        Batcr	 	 -	       TML Sub	  	       Sub3

Tier 4 (Quantum Gate)
		UEF		Aeon		Cybran		    Seraphim
T3Gunsh		 x		 -		  x			-
SCU		 x		 x		  x			x
Heavy		Percy		Harb		Loyal.	            Siege Tank
Special		Tran3	        ASF 	       Spy Plane	        -

5.  Balance changes

Many small balance changes were made to improve gameplay.  Some untis were removed entirely.  All units that are still in the game 

are included because they serve a valid purpose.  

-Option 3 implemented:  All factories have build powers equivalent to their mass in engineers;  Tech 3 factories build units VERY 


-Tier 3 air changed dramatically:  ASFs + strat bombers are history;  All air units capable of inflicting damage can now be reliably 

killed by flak.  Be sure to build it!

-All torpedo damage increased:  Submarine combat needed to be reworked.  Subs now can kill frigates in a decent amount of time.  

Torpedo Defenses now do a decent job of repelling frigates.

-SAMs have max range of about 200, min of about 50:  SAMs now do small damage but have massive coverage.  Purpose no longer over-

laps with flak and AA towers.

-Air XPs are now GAME ENDERS.  They cost 100,000 Mass and 2,000,000 Energy.  If you or your opponent gets one, you can expect it to 

end the game!!

-Ground XPs are now more well-rounded.  Fatboys, MLs, and Ythothas can now kill significant amounts of enemy air!  GCs are strongest 

on the ground vs other XPs, but have no AA defenses at all!

-Experimentals/shields/nukes/special structures/battleships are now built exclusively by the Support Command Units, and balance 


-Quantum Gates cost 5000 mass each, can build heavy air units and siege bots

-Some units removed:  T3 pgens, T3 massfabs, T3 shields, T3 arty, T3 SMD (except for UEF), stationary TMD (except for Aeon)

-AA guns on experimental units, battleships, and frigates boosted.  These units can now destroy small amounts of air units 


-Various small balance changes

This mod is VERY BALANCED.  I made every reasonable effort to ensure this before releasing it.  Remember, I DID NOT LEAVE ANY UNITS 

IN THE GAME THAT THERE IS NOT A CLEAR PURPOSE FOR.  T2 artillery has been buffed and cost reduced so you can build it near an enemy 

base and siege them to death from afar.  Torpedo launchers can now defend against all naval threats up to and including T2.  (Except 

amphib tanks that hover.)

If you're running into trouble and not simply being out-played by your opponent, be creative!!!  I designed every faction to always 

have a way of solving every problem, often in a unique way.  To be successful, be creative!  PARTICULARLY CYBRAN!!!!  For example:  

If you're Aeon and your Cybran opponent has killed all your torp launchers + naval units + naval factories and you want to retake 

the sea, what do you do?  Try using a Shield Bomber and ground-attack at some place in the water.  Then order your hover engineers 

to build a  Torpedo luancher within the shield to kill all enemy subs, enabling you to get back into the water!  This also works 

with T3 hover shields!

If you're UEF trying to bombard a fortified Cybran base with cruisers and your opponent is using a Bug-Zapper to shoot down all your 

missiles, try building a SAM site in the area.  The SAM site will take out the Bug-Zapper at long range!

If you're Cybran and you can't break a heavily shielded defensive line with your MMLs, trying sending in a stealthed team of firebeetles and capture trucks via air, capture a few healvily armored structures in the base, and when the PDs start shooting it AMBUSH them!

6.  Misc

Credit goes to:
FunkOff - Creator and doer of 99% of the work
Seiya - providing code for shield bomber
DeadMG - Scripting advice
Plasma_Wolf - Making this readme more readable...

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