Factories Buildable By Engineers



This mod allows T2 and T3 factories to be built by their respective tech level engineers. The factories are also upgradable from T1->T2 and T2->T3.

Hey guys - to make this mod, I had to make T2 factories into actually T2 factories and T3 factories into actually T3 factories - originally they are seen as T1 and T2 buildings. They programmed it that way so that they show up on the same build menu as the units built at the factory. I had to work around that and make the factories represent their tech level so they were built correctly by engineers, but this also made the upgraded versions of the factories on a higher tier, where the only thing to be built there is them. When you first select your factory, it will have you on the tech level above the factory that you are at and you can only build the upgrade there (example : T1 factory goes to T2 build menu), so to build normal units you have to select Tier one every time. Sorry about this, there was no other workaround I could do.


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