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Quote: Resin_Smoker makes his SupComFiles debut with quite a useful mod for your use.

With this mod, all airstaging platforms are upgradably to Air Staging Fire-Bases. Basically, when you purchase the airstaging platform for whatever faction, you have the ability to upgrade the structure. The upgrades are available at 6 different stages. As you progress through those stages, the airstaging platforms are surrounded by other buildings and emplacements, as well as gaining AI drones to protect the base. Each time you upgrade this facility, you gain more drones, and additional emplacements, such as AA turrets, point defences, etc... The further you upgrade it, the tech and usefulness of the additions that are added increases.

List of stages with additons:

Stage 1: Form Fitting Shield (1k), Hit-points (2k), 1 Multi-Role Drone.

Stage 2: Sphere Shield (4k), Hit-points (4k), 1 Multi-Role Drone, 1 Anti-Air Drone.

Stage 3: Sphere Shield (7k), Hit-points (6k), 1 Multi-Role Drone, 1 Anti-Air Drone, 1 Gunship Drone, 2 Anti-Air Turrets (T2).

Stage 4: Sphere Shield (10k), Hit-points (8k), 2 Multi-Role Drones, 2 Anti-Air Drones, 2 Gunship Drones, 2 Anti-Air Turrets (T2), 2 Point Defense Turrets (T2).

Stage 5: Sphere Shield (15K) Hit-points (10K), 2 Multi-Role Drones, 2 Anti-Air Drones, 2 Gunship Drones, 2 Anti-Air Turrets (T2), 2 Point Defense Turrets (T2), Basic Radar, Tactical Missile Defense.

Stage 6: Sphere Shield (20K) Hit-points (12K), 3 Multi-Role Drones, 3 Anti-Air Drones, 3 Gunship Drones, 2 Anti-Air Guns (T2), 2 Point Defense Guns (T2), Basic Radar, Tactical Missile Defense, 1 Artillery Gun (T2), 1 Tactical Missile Launcher (With auto-fire enabled).

Overall, I find this to a useful mod. It's useful for protecting your aircraft as you refuel at the station, and acts as quite a good firebase, as the name suggests. As I used it, I found myself using it more for as a firebase then an airstaging facility. The weapons and defences that it gives in a small little package are very useful, and upgrading a few of these can provide a decent defence for your base. Unfortunately, the author did not detail how to install, so to use the mod, place the mod in it's own folder named accordingly, inside your Supreme Commander gamedata folder.

Overall, I'd give it a positive rating, as it was a very useful mod, and was quite innovative in design. Very well done Resin_Smoker.

This is an update to Resin_Smoker's popular Firebase mod. This will bring it up to version 1.55.

In the update, the author tweaks a few things, such as cost, and enabled other things, such as adjacency bonuses with Mass Extractors and Power Generators. Additionally, it includes updated swarm drone veterancy data, and a "production toggle" option to stop producing drones as they are killed. One added thing I liked is the addition of a shielded czar with 12 swarm drones. That should make for some interesting gameplay.

All in all, it is a very good update to an already great mod. The small tweaks and improvements, in my opinion, make the mod, overall, more enjoyable and useful. The shielded czar was a nice added bonus and should add some appeal to the mod. Things such as the adjacency bonuses being enabled and minor cost tweaks make for, in my opinion, an overall more useful mod.

This is the second update to Resin_Smoker's mod, Firebase. This version has been dubbed 1.81, although the archive says 1.87 (this is a mis-naming on my behalf.)

In this update, the author fixes several bugs and adds more features and revisions to the existing mod. For example, the artillery piece that was auto-spawning at the Cybran Firebase has been removed. Some nice features that were added are that repair bots can now be selected and given commands (you can control them like a regular unit) and point defences are no longer built automatically, but rather put in the queue for the building. The author states that is adds much "flexability and tailoring options" and I have to agree with him there. And one amazing feature that was added is that firebases are now AMPHIBIOUS! Now you can build your defences underwater, and the firebases can build torpedo launchers in order to act as anti-naval forces.

In my opinion, this is an amazing update and far outshines the last one. The major seller for me was the amphibious ability, as it added great strategic and defensive value to an already strategic and defensive structure. With this mod, I found myself having loads of fun with friends on naval maps due to the underwater defences. My only complaint here is that one could possible spam said defences, hence eliminating the fun of naval warfare (I.E. Players stop building ships because they'll just be murdered by the opposing players defences) though I haven't seen this occur in any of my games. Just a thought. ;) Overall, this is a great update, and as always, a great mod. Now submit bandwith to this masterpiece so you have something to do until the next update. :p




21 August 2007

-Firebase will now refresh the UI after they have completed building. Hopefully this will resolve the issue of the build cue from another unit overlapping with the Firebases. 

-Removed the artillery piece that was auto spawning from the Cybran Firebase. 

-Repair bots can now be selected and assigned commands as required. 

-Completed the "Gamecommon.lua" files required to make the Firebase mod compatable with the Mod-Vault.

-Firebases are now amphibious, thus greatly enhancing it's strategic value as an anti-naval platform. (Yes, you can build torpedo launchers from the Firebase)

-Firebases no longer build point defenses automaticly after upgrading from one tier to the next... but rather it's now done as a build cue similar to what the engineers are currently using. This build cue can be stopped, paused and assisted on the fly. Overall this gives you a huge amount of flexability and tailoring options for how you can build up your Firebase. The build cue can be built up by dragging and dropping what you want where you want it within the Firebases build area. This build area is the space defined by the blue circle around the Firebase. (An area of 10 around the Firebase)

This gives you a hell of alot of room to build up your defensive fortifications with guns, shields and what ever else you want. Yes, that means basicly every T1 thru T3 non-factory structure is avalible within reason and the Firebase will get and provide Adjacency bonuses for most strructures it's built along side.

Level 1-2, T1 Structures 

Level 3-4, T1 & T2 Structures 

Level 5-6, T1 thru T3 Structures

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