Frost Bite



well here is again a nice map from hungaboo. its a nice 2v2 map with plenty of ocean to play a nice navy war but with enough land to play with out navy which is nice. you could also play this as a nice ffa map, and as you can expect some nice screen shots and AI points for sorain's ai, thou no rush does not work on this map as of yet, but the author is still working on it and I'm sure will have it set up soon as he is still working on the land and the map in general.



Frost Bite:

2048 x 2048
hoping for 1 vs 1 good gameplay.
4 player postions.
FA AI Markers 

Had a 1 on 1 game of this last night with the latest SAI, Was a constant air war over center with both sides trying to land forces via transports.
Wish I had time to play past Tier 2. So far it feels fun.

once the majority of the designing is done I plan to try and remove some of the symmetry and give each side some differences.

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