Gilbot-X's ModPack with Resource Networks



well this is almost the same as the file I just uploaded but with some fixes and stuff so use this and here is my review from the last version

well most of you have proly seen this mod before but only for supcom not FA and here it is *cheers*

now for thos of you who have not seen it what this dose it makes adjacency bonus have a longer range but lower bonus the longer it is. the all purpose slider control factory toggle ect... (their is a long list look at the home page^^)

look in the read me for new stuff




Version 1.9 is now up.

This version has more improvements to the AT (Auto Toggle) system. Press CTRL-Numstar to switch on AT Display on all your units. The AT display has the format

AT: C=2 P=4

The P number is the Auto Toggle Priority, which is a number showing the order in which units are shut off if you run out of energy. P=1 is shut off first, then P=2, etc.

The C number is the Auto Toggle Category, which is a number between 1 and 6.
C=1 is a special category for mass fabs. C=1 are always shut off when your mass reaches full storage.
C=2 is for things you only want switched on when your energy storage is nearly full and you have energy to waste. These will be switched off and cannot be switched back on unless your energy storage gets close to full.
C=3 things normally get turned off after all C=2 things are already turned off, and when your energy storage is perhaps only half full and slowly decreasing..
C=4, C=5 and C=6 are for things you only really want turned off when your energy is just about to run out. C=4 units are turned off before C=5, etc.

By default,
C=2 contains the stealth on Cybran mass extractors.
C=3 contains stuff like radar and jamming.
C=4 contains stealth/cloak by default.
C=5 contain mobile shields by default.
C=6 contains all shield structures by default.

Select any group of units and press ALT-Numplus or ALT-Numminus to increase or decrease the C number. Note that massfabs cannot change their C number, and that other unit types cannot set their C number to 1.

Changing the C number can sometimes also change the P number as priority numbers are assigned according to category unless you change them as follows below:

Select a single unit and press CTRL-Numplus or CTRL-Numminus to increase or decrease the P number.

Just in case you weren't sure, Numplus, Numminus and Numstar are the + - and * keys on the numberpad on the right side of your keyboard. Your keyboard needs to have its Numlock button set.

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