Hawk's Mod Pack



Lt_hawkeye's Mini-Experimental Mod

This is a mod that adds 6 new units to the game:

Mini-Czar:(Tsar) Health:1250 Cost Energy:107500 Cost Mass:6450 BuildTime:12900(7mins 10 sec) Weapons:Air to Surface Missilesx4 Depth Chargesx2 Fizz Launchersx2 Mini-Quantum Beam Generator Built By: T3 Air Factory Mini-Monkeylord:(Venom) Health:5250 Cost Energy:45000 Cost Mass:6750 BuildTime:13500(7mins 30sec) Weapons:Pusle Lasersx2 MicroLaser Abilities:Stealth Built By: T3 Land Factory Mini-SoulRipper:(Revolutionary) Health:1500 Cost Energy:63000 Cost Mass:4200 BuildTime:12600(aprox 7 mins) Weapons:Burst Rocketsx2 (4 rockets per salvo) Cerberus Laser Nanite Missile Systemx2 Built By: T3 Air Factory Mini-Scathis:(Rebel) Health:800 Cost Energy:71250 Cost Mass:4750 BuildTime:14250(aprox 8 mins) Weapons: Rapid Fire Artillery Abilites: Immobile while firing Shots stun enemies Nano Bots: Can repair itself Built By: T3 Land Factory Mini-Tempest:(Stormfront) Health:45000 Cost Energy:150000 Cost Mass:18750 BuildTime:22500(approx 12 mins 30 secs) Weapons: Burst Oblivion Cannon(3 shots per salvo) Chrono Torpedosx6 Abilities:Submersible Built By: T3 Naval Factory Mini-Mavor: Health: Cost Energy:840000 Cost Mass:360000 BuildTime:18000(approx 28 mins with engineer 10 mins with SCU) Weapons: Hyper Velocity Flak AA Hyper Velocity Artillery Cannon Abilities: Switch Weapons Air/Ground Built By: T3 engineers and Coms Mini-Fatboy:(FireStorm) Health:2500 Shield:2500 Cost Energy:350000 Cost Mass:24500 BuildTime:10500(approx 12 mins with engineer 5:50 with SCU) Weapons: Hells Fury Napalm Cannonsx4 Side Mounted Riot Gunsx2 Angler Torpedo Abilities: Amphibious Sheild Built By: T3 Engineers and Coms. Mini-Galactic Collosus:(Hercules) Health:8000 CostEnergy:350000 CostMass:30000 BuildTime:12000(approx 13 mins with engineer 7 mins with SCU) Weapons: Pulse Eye Laser Tractor Clawsx2 Abilities: Amphibious BuiltBy: T3 Engineers and Coms Mini-Atlantis: Health:4000 CostEnergy:80000 CostMass:6000 BuildTime:12000(approx 6 mins 40 secs) Weapons: Angler Torpedox4 Hyper Velocity Missile Abilities: Sonar Radar Submersible BuiltBy: T3 Factory

Changes in V5.2 -Mini Mavor is now AA only :( Changes in V5.1 -Mini-Tempest doesn't work with formations yet(fixed) -Mini-Atlantis doesn't work with Formations as of yet.(fixed)

Changes in V5 -Added Mini-GC -Added Mini-Atlantis -Added Mini-Fatboy -Resized ML beam, GC beam, and Czar beam to proper sizes -Added new visual effect to the Scathis Shells Changes in V4 -Added Mini Tempest -Added Mini Mavor

Changes in V3.5 -Slowed Mini-ML down a bit and fixed the sliding when it turned issue -Gave the Mini-ML health increase 5250--->5500 -Slowed Down ROF of Mini-Czar Fizz from 2--->1 -Increase in health of Mini-SoulsRipper from 1500---->1750 -Increase in Health of Mini-Czar from 1250--->1500 -Reduced Czar Death Crash Damage.

Changes in V3.0 -Added Mini-SoulRipper -Added Mini-Scathis -Mini-ML is now transportable

Changes in V2 -Mini-ML tweaked a bit -Added Mini-Czar

Changes in V1 -Mini-MonkeyLord!!

Known Issues -Mini-Mavor cannon barrel doesn't telescope like it should -Force Firing the Mavor will cause it to shoot straight up and destroy your own base

Hawks Unit Addon Mod

This mod adds 7 new unit(s) to the game, some more are on the way. V2.1 -Rapier now has icon -Bismark now has icon and new projectile -Beam weapons aiming too far in front of targets issue fixed V2 -Aeon tech 3 PD: Judgement Weapon: Heavy Beam Cannon

-Aeon Hover Cruiser Genesis Class Weapons: Rapid burst Oblivion Cannonsx2 Rapid fire AA Pulse Cannon Can Hover and has personal shield

-UEF Laser Assualt Bot: Rapier Weapon: Rapid fire assualt lasers Personal Shield

-UEF Super Battleship Bismark Class Weapons: Heavy Long Range cannonsx3 Dual Barreled Laser PD/AAx4 Phalanx TMDx2 Has a personal Shield

V1 -Adds Cybran Heavy Destroyer: Reaper Class Weapons: Dual Barreled Beam Cannon Quad Barreled AA/PD Cannon Nanite Torpedosx2 Can Be built on land as well

-Adds Cybran Heavy Battleship: SeaDragon Class Weapons: Front Mounted Heavy Beam Cannon Back Mounted Proton Cannon Quad Barreled PD lasersx2 Zapper Anti-Air Gunx2 Nanite Torpedosx2

-Addes UEF T2 Chaingun Defense: Saw Weapon: Chaingun Built at Tech 2 Abilities: Switch targets(air/ground)


Just extract the HawksMod.scd to you supremecommander\gamedata folder then enable the mod(s) in the mod manager

be sure to delete any old versions of my mod.


Lt_hawkeye - modder/mod creator

Exavier_Macbeth - Modder: for letting me use his old Wildfire Weapons and his HVMs and for teaching me a lot of stuff. (check out his mod at http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=3164 )

Thanks to MordainThade for most of the unit names Thanks to PUREVENOM for the name of the GC Thanks to RAZORLIGHT for the ML name and for Bismark name Thanks to budurahm for the Reaper's Name Thanks to Ultimentra for the Genesis idea and name, and for the Rapier name


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