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Hello all, i bring you Hawksmod for the Supreme Commander Forged Alliance expansion pack. for all those who have played the mod for Vanilla...


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Hello all, i bring you Hawksmod for the Supreme Commander Forged Alliance expansion pack. for all those who have played the mod for Vanilla SC, be prepared to see some old units with new stuff, and some totally new units as well.

For those who haven't played any of my mods, well...have fun and i hope you like the mod is all i can say

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Download 'hawksmodfav2.rar' (28.33MB)

Hawksmod Forged Alliance v1.1

Hello all, i am Lt_Hawkeye and this is my mod for the Forged Alliance Expansion pack.
For those who have played my mod for Vanilla SC, you will see some old units back in action with some new stuff or new roles. Below is a content and change list that is present in the version 1 of this mod.

To install this mod, just extract the HawksmodFA folder to your mod folder, it is unknown if this mod conflicts with others.
Version 1.1 fixes:
-Fixed a bug that caused the Seraphim Experimentals to not show up
-Bismarck Fireing Randomness toned down.
Version 1 Units:

Scorpion Tech Ambush unit

Hailfire Tech 3 Rocket Artillery unit

Shadowcat Tech 3 Advanced Base Assault unit

Reaper Class Tech 3 Escort Battlecruiser

Seadragon Experimental Class Dreadnought

Vanisher Tech 3 Cloaking Transport

Gargantuan Experimental Assault Transport

Nova Tech 3 Point Defense

Leviathan Tech 3 Assault Submarine

Shadow Tech 3 Cloaking Field Generator 


Juggernaut Tech 3 Riot/Base Assault Tank

Bismarck Experimental Class Dreadnought

Tech 3 Naval/Air Staging Facility

Rapier Tech 3 Mortar Artillery unit

Goliath Experimental Assault Unit 

Experimental Hellfire Napalm Rocket Satelite and Station


Tech 3 Teleporting transport

Acolyte Tech 3 Air-to-Ground Missile Fighter

Aira Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense

Tech 3 Wraith Assault Hover tank


Seraphim Quantum Rift Archway

Lambda Field Generator and Experimental Point Defense Structure  

yes, there are a lot of cybran units, dont worry i plan on making more units for the other factions

Now for a Change list on what has been changed in-game.

All factions:
-Tech 2 transports now have more fuel and a small health regeneration
-all bombers will now hit moving targets more often(Ragnorok X Fix)
-Hover Units: misc wobble effect.
-Firebettles will now attack on their own, and will do reduced damage to other Firebettles.
-Cerberus Tech 2 Point Defense: Can be built on water
-Oblivion Tech 2 point Defense can be built on water.

i do believe that is all i have in this release. please feel free to post any bugs or complaints here

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