Kelier's Straight



Here we have a 10km x 10km 4 player map designed for 2 v 2 teamplay. Its basically 2 land masses (1 team on each) divided by a small sea/ large river. Theres also a small island in the centre to fight over. Theres cliffs along the centre of each coastline so access to the rest of the map is bottle necked down to either side of the cliffs. The layout of the map and resources are symetrical, each player getting 4 mass points + 1 hydrocarbon point in there immediate start zones. Theres also 4 further mass points on either teams islands + 4 mass points and a hydrocarbon point on the central island.

This is a well balanced map that should allow some pretty nice team battles, its maybe a little lacking in decals but thats something that will hopefully be addressed in future releases. Holding the central island could deffinately be the key to cracking your opponents defences. Overall I'd say this is a well thought out and made version of a coast to coast map.



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