This is an update to version 2. I made it cuz my computer can't run version 3 that well. This only applys to the main three commanders. The...


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This is an update to version 2. I made it cuz my computer can't run version 3 that well. This only applys to the main three commanders. The commandrs can build buildings form 1 sec to 1 to 2 mins. If you assist your factories with your commamnders units will be built in 1 to 5 secounds. Battleships take 5 to 10 secounds. Tech 4 uints take 17 seconds to 8 mins to build. Read the readme to see extact build times. Hope you enjoy.

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Download 'lordmaniacsmodver2.5.zip' (6KB)

Mod: Lordmaniac'sModVer2.5

ModInfo: All three Commanders can Build:
1. Tech 1 and tech 2 buildings in 1 second.
2. Tech 3 Factories, Extractors, and Anti_Air Sam's in 1 second.
3. Tech 3 Sonar Platforms, Omni Sensor Arraies, and Quantum Gateways in 1 second.
4. Tech 3 fabricators in 5 seconds and tech 3 power generators in 3 seconds.
5. The Uef Heavy Artillery builds in 1min 1second.
6. The Cybran Heavy Artillery  builds in 1 in 5 seconds.
7. The Aeon Heavy Artillery builds in 1 in 14 seconds.
8. Strategic Missile Lanchers build in 1 in 9 seconds.
9. Strategic Missile Defenses build in 13 seconds.
10. The Uef's and Aeon's Heavy Shield Generators build in 2 seconds. Just use the Cybran 
Commander to assits the shield generator and it will upgrade each upgrade in 1 to 3 seconds.
1. Monkey Lords builds in 17 seconds.
2. Soul Ripper builds in 27 seconds.
3. Seathis builds in 52 seconds.
1. FatBoy Builds in 33 seconds.
2. Atlantis builds in 10 seconds.
3. Mavor builds in 8 mins 20 seconds.
1. Czar builds in 36 seconds.
2. Tempest builds in 15 seconds.
3. Galactic Colossus builds in 45 seconds.
			Assisting with Commanders:
Assisting your Land, Air, and Naval factories with your commander will cause your uints to be built in 
1 to 5 seconds. BattleShips build in 5 to 10 seconds.

Install: Just extract to your mod folder. If you have Lordmaniac'sModVer2 you can just extract to a temp 
folder and copy the UAL0001, UEL0001, URL0001 folders, and the mod_info.lua file into Lordmaniac'sModVer2 
folder and click YesToAll to overwrite. If you just extract it to your mod folder and have the first Lordmaniac'sMod, 
version 2 and/or version 3 be sure to either remove them or turn them off.

By: lordmaniac

Email: lord_maniac13@yahoo.com or antonius3@yahoo.com

This was made cuz my computer can not run the game so good if i use Lordmaniac'sModVer3.

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