Moo Powered Shields



oOo! Can you say overpowered!?!?!

If you like a very defended base, you will like this mod! A nearly inpenetrable shield with a gigantic range of effect to protect your assets. However, it is under the experimental group for each faction (thankfully) which may delay you building it for a while, for balance.

Moo powered shield is a nearly impenetrable shield that is quick to build their is 1 for every faction. They are under the experimental section

My only complaint is the quick build time. For such a powerful building, I would think it should take longer to build. However, building multiple shields so they overlay each other is a very good defence technique incase one goes out; however, one going out is unlikely to happen, lol. :D

Note: this mod has been fixed by Killers2 to work with the new patch.



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