No Campaign Restrictions FA



well this makes it so you can use all of the mods on this site (and everywhere else) in the campaign !! yaya and thats about it :D P.S. yaya I know this was a short review but what can you say about a campaign enabler ;)

- eluvatar



FA Campaign Mod Enabler v1

Full credit goes to ToxicFrog of the Gaspowered forums for making the original SupCom version. (this was a rather simple edit tbh)

Installation: Simply extract the gamedata folder and the .bat file into your Forged Alliance main directory. Click "yes" if it asks whether you want to
overwrite the existing gamedata folder.

Usage: Run the .bat file to enable it. The campaign button shuld now read "Modded Campaign". To choose mods to use,
go to Extras/Mod manager and select the ones you want to use. If you want, you could also create a shortcut to the .bat on your desktop.

Now go and annihilate the Seraphim with your uber 50k health nuclear hovering scout vehicles of DOOM!

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