No Nukes

Quite simply, disables the users ability to have and launch nukes.

- Ash


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Quite simply, disables the users ability to have and launch nukes.

- Ash

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This MOD was inspired by the "No Mass Fabricators" MOD by HazardX. 

I used the NoMassFabs MOD as a base reference on how to disable specific units in the game. 

Myself and most of my friends never used Nukes in TA. We found them to be too destructive. It's too easy to build 20 nuke silos and launch them all, with the person on the receiving end not able to defend unless they have 20 defenders. This wasn't a problem for the people, but we found that the AIs often chose to use them. This is even more pronounced in SupCom. AIs use Nukes all the time, and it's very annoying. 

This MOD removes all T3 Strategic Launchers, all T3 Strategic Subs, and removes the ability for the UEF Cruiser to launch Nukes. All of the T3 Missile Defenders were left in the game, as I still haven't figured out if the T3 defenders will protect against T1 Missiles. 

Oh, another thing, T1 Tactical Missiles have been left in. While they are annoying, they're a logical part of the game.

To install this MOD, simply extract the files in this archive into your "mods" directory (creating it if it does not already exist). Once you do that, it will list as an available mod inside the game, which you can turn on and off.

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