Permafrost Pass

Permafrost Pass by CSGdesign

Another fine effort by CSGdesign, here we have a 2 player 5x5km land battle map on a frozen wasteland. Think...


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Permafrost Pass by CSGdesign

Another fine effort by CSGdesign, here we have a 2 player 5x5km land battle map on a frozen wasteland. Think Hoth crossed with the North Pole , then a few degrees colder! Each player gets 4 close-by mass points and theres 11 further ones to fight over, 4 on each players side of the map + 3 centralized ones. Theres no hydrocarbon so early game power output requires particular attention. The map consists of a circular mountain chain bordering a frozen river, surrounding a central lowland island.

This is definately a map were the case is, you snooze you lose. You'll need to be aggressive and try and gain an early artillary advantage. Visually the map is very good (as you can see, even from the poor max settings on my humble laptop). Tactically the maps abit limited but overall it will be a welcome addition to any players map list. Download and enjoy!


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Map Name : Permafrost Pass (rel: 1.5)

by CSGdesign


1. Description

Battle your way through the frozen passes from one snow-blasted valley to another.
Use the cliffs and height differences to your advantage.
Don't turtle, or you'll quickly become trapped in your own valley.

Although it's a small 5x5km map, this one's packed with strategy and interesting tactics.

Permafrost Pass is well suited to aggressive players or players wanting to learn new and more
agressive strategies from their traditional defensive strategies.
It has areas of very high terrain overlooking the permafrosted passes between the two base areas, with
scattered and balanced resources throughout the map.

Guerilla warface, early-tech artillery wars, and air-supremacy would be wise strategies on
this map.  Focussing on Teching Up is not the best strategy because the pass is very tight and
the ranges make long-range artillery very hit-and-miss.
The pass is wide enough at all points to allow experimental units through, so nowhere is safe.

This is the first map created by CSGdesign (besides a test map created to trial the editor release).
This map was created using the pre-alpha official release map editor, without any patches.

2. Installation

Download the attached file, then extract it into your Supreme Commander map folder.
(default = [Main HDD]\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Beta\Supreme Commander\maps
This will create a new file and extract the nessesary files to the right locations
and when you start up Supreme Commander next it will be available for selection.

3. Removal

To un-install the map, just delete the folder "Permafrost Pass" from your Supreme Commander Map directory.

4. Construction Log
Map took approximately 4 hours to build using the official map editor only (no external tools at all).
Map was tested versus all AI (there are no markers), and then versus human players, and revised slightly.
Initial version had the central hill as steep and easilly defended as the outside cliffs, but that made the
first player that claimed the central hill very difficult to remove from it, which caused very imbalanced
play from a very early stage. Even amatuer players could easilly bottle a better player in their own base and
then fortify the position to the point where they could artillery or tactical missile it to death.  So the central
hill was made much harder to hold, which caused a much more back-and-forth style of play that focussed more on
players' skills and less on bias tactical advantage from the map.
Beta version was released on GameReplays forum, and linked to a thread in GPGnet for people to download and test.
Constructive feedback was mostly positive, except to fix a few minor design faults like a floating mass point and a
too small albedo scale on the snow texture resulting in obvious visible tiling.
Final version uploaded to the Vault 01/09/07 in what seems to be a pretty final state.


This map is created for the Supreme Commander gaming community by CSGdesign
Contact the creator by sending an email to

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