Prime Sea



An 40x40 8plyer ice like world with a dark green sky, gray-bule islands, and a gray ice or snow mainland. Its a cybran controled world with 4 cybran outpost. Two of them near the coast on the mainland and other 2 on 2 islands. One isalnd has an aeon outpost and 2 other islands have uef defenses grading there outposts ruins. Each player starts off with 4 mass extractors near there locations. Five commanders can start on there own islands and 3 can start on the mainland. Each civilian outpost contans 4 mass extractors. There are 91 mass extracrors on this map some mybe found in the east back of the mainland. There are 3 hydrocarbon power plants on the mainland. Read the readme for more info.



MAP: Prime Sea

MapInfo: This is a 40x40 8plyer map. An ice world with a dark green sky, gray-bule ice islands, and gray ice or snow mainland.
One island controled by Cybran civilian forces, one controled by aeon forces trying to take the world from the cybrans, and 
two islands with uef defenses. There outposts where destoryed by cybran forces. You can see the wreckage of the battles. There
are two cybran outposts on the mianland near its seacoast. Four cybran battleships shields one and one battleship shields the 
other. Five commanders can start on their own island and three can start on the mainland.
There are 91 mass extractors and 3 hydrocarbon power plants. Each player has 2 extractros near them, thers 10 by the coast on 
the mainland, 5 to the back of the mainland, and four on each civilian protected island. The 2 hydrocabon power plants are to 
the east end of the mainland. 

Istall: Extract it to your maps folder. Put the env folder in your main directory. If you alradey have an env folder just put 
the subfolder named Prime Sea thats in the env folder in your env folder.

By: lord_maniac

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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