Quantum Gate Teleporters



This mod basically allows you to use your quantum gates (used to bring in ACU's) as teleporters. Build two and send units in from one side, they come out the other like magic! However, the teleportation network is very fragile, so you have to be careful with what you're doing.

This is a mod that allows Quantum Gates to be used as a teleporter. It uses the original teleport system in the game (ofcourse modified a little) V 1.0 is pretty much playable , there's no major bugs I know of, and won't be ( I hope..)

How to use:

Build 2 gates, click on LOAD and then click on the other gate. Send the units you want to teleport in the gate, after they teleport they should move to the destination gate's rallypoint. ( It's best to let the units go into the gate using the ferry toggle, because telling them to go into the gate will scatter them around if the group is big.)

To be able to send just built units into the gate without your interaction, switch the 'Ferry Toggle' on, and set the factory's rallypoint to the gate's rallypoint. Any units standing on the rallypoint will move into the gate.

Be sure to switch the ferry toggle off on the destination gate!

The energy cost to maintain the quantum tunnel while teleporting is 4000 energy for the main gate and 2000 energy for the destination gate, plus unit's energy cost * 0.3 to teleport a unit.

The time to teleport is unit's energy cost * 0.00025. ( So to teleport an UEF support commander it costs 12000 energy + 6000 for the gates, and 10 seconds) You cannot teleport to gates which are sending units, but you can which are recieving.

Be Warned ! If you are teleporting to one gate from multiple gates, and 1 unit dies in the tunnel, the whole system collapses!

When the teleporter/destination/unit is killed, the gates and their areas will be damaged for 3000 damage. Also all units currently 'halfway' in the tunnel will die.

NOTE : UEF gates teleport units in a group of 3's because they have 3 attachpoints, I can't edit that, but anyways we love UEF , don't we?

CHANGELOG [Known Bugs] When sending units into the teleporter in groups, and a unit gets stuck with the pathfinding , the whole group won't teleport.

When you send units in one-by-one quite fast they started teleporting outside the gate, while I made it so units can't teleport if they are not atleast 2 range away from the gate, but they still stop and do nothing. This is again a weird bug I can't fix =/ So take it easy and don't rush things :P

Version 1.2

[FIXED] Alotof bugs. [FIXED] More bugs. [CHANGED] Adjusted effects. [CHANGED] Now if the destination has 'Ferry toggle' on, it won't use it till it is no longer recieving units. [CHANGED] Recieving gates can no longer send units, however if you send a unit in them , they will stop recieving units. ( you can just tell the unit to stop to let the gate recieve units again, another bug I can't seem to fix) [CHANGED] After a gate's tunnel collapses it won't be able to create another tunnel for 20 seconds [CHANGED] Gates now do 5250 damage in a range of 10 when a tunnel collapses. [CHANGED] Other stuffs :p Don't let your gate's hp drop too low !

Version 1.1

[FIXED] The gates only cleaned it's tables of teleporters/ units when it was shut down, so when multiple gates were connected to one gate, and you 'disconnected' several , but one was still sending units to the destination, and it was destroyed, all of them were taken as connected gates.

Version 1.0c

[CHANGED] Now gates won't shut down when they have teleport commands queued up.

Version 1.0b

[CHANGED] Adjusted teleport in effects. [FIXED] A typo which caused units not to teleport to gates. [CHANGED] Now if the unit the unit/gate gets damaged for more than 2000 damage while teleporting, the unit will get killed, causing a chain reaction with other connected gates.

Version 1.0

[CHANGED] Adjusted effects. [CHANGED] Gate's effects are now controlled seperately and should only switch off when there are no units teleporting. [CHANGED] Progress bar is now by units, because I didn't want the uef gate to be so different. [FIXED] Few minor bugs. [NOTE] I hope I haven't overlooked any typos in the code, I've tested it for an hour I think I've tried every possible solutions that could happen, and there were no errors, however it only deletes the teleporter's unit table when it closes the tunnel, but I don't see any need to do otherwise as it always closes before another unit can make it stay open.

Version 0.9

[FIXED] Units now move out from the destination one-by-one when teleported in a group [CHANGED] Adjusted the effects. [REMOVED] 'Teleport' toggle. [ADDED] 'Ferry' toggle. [CHANGED] Units will be destroyed if they are teleporting and the teleporter/destination is destroyed.

Version 0.8

[CHANGED] Now using a whole different system ( the original one in the game)



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