This is a 4 player 20 x 20km map with each player starting in one corner of the map. Though technically it looks like theres a narrow land trail allowing land units to travel around the edge of the map, these should be easily defendable, meaning naval and air forces should win the day. The map is symetrical with 12 mass points in each corner and 2 hydrocarbon points so theres no advantage to any player.

This is another great addition to Johanaz's already impressive collection of maps .I think maybe it should have been called reseRvoir, but at the end of the day the developer can call it whatever they want.

The map looks great, the dark greens and misty water make me think of a scottish loch. Though the monster lurking beneath the surface is more like to be a Monkeylord (or 12) ready to pwn your base. I tried this map in FA and it worked aswell (you'll need to copy it into your main FA directory / maps folder) Download, play, comment, and enjoy!



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