both have greatly enhanced resource generation weapons armor sheilds and build capabilities. Here are the more important changes I've made ACU Upgrades are instant allowing you to adjust ACU config on the flyGenerates 2000 energy 200 mass Resource allocation 10000 Energy 1000 massAdvanced resource allocation {Aeon} 15000 energy 1500 mass30000 hitpoints 100 regen {UEF Aeon} 90000 300 regen{Cybran to compensate for lack of shield}50000 normal shield 1 {Heavy Shield Aeon} {Dome shield UEF}Weapon Rate of fire increased to 5 shots per second ,10 shots per second with ROF upgrade {Cyrbran UEF}Can be summoned through Quantum Gate {hefty cost and takes a lifetime}SACUUpgrades are instant generates 1000 energy 100 massresource allocation 5000 energy 500 mass30000 hitpoints 50 regen {UEF Aeon} 50000 hitpoints 200 regen {Cybran once again to compensate for no shield} 40000 normal shield 50000 heavy shieldWeapon Rate of fire increased to 5 shots per second This is not recommended for campaign use as any ACU especially Cyrbran is very tough nut to crack with low level units this have not altered range on weapons to keep them vunerable to Artillery. Any issues concerns advice let me know.


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