SCA UI MOD 2.0. final

team Cleopatre Goom Saya

requirements Supreme Commander with patch 3220 or higher



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SCA UI MOD 2.0. final

team Cleopatre Goom Saya

requirements Supreme Commander with patch 3220 or higher

install if you have an older version installed, delete it first extract the zip unzip into gamedata or copy UIMOD_SCA-ver21.scd in supremecommander/gamedata

uninstall remove UIMOD_SCA-ver21.scd from supremecommander/gamedata

content A miniaturised UI for supreme commander including awesome draggable, minimizable and resizable windows. Includes a home made UI manager with the ability to save and load layouts as well as the ability to remap your keys and use shortcuts to build buildings and units. New features coming soon.

updates 2.11 final (May 2007) -Several bugfixes and optimisations.

2.1 final (May 2007) -Improved the keymapping system alot The keymapping is now more user friendly and optimised. -Improved the build hotkey system alot: You can now bind several buildings and units to the same key Hitting several time the same hotkey will either cycle through the assigned buildings or build all the units depending on the selected unit Optimised the build hotkeys by making an independant system It does not rely on gpg's buildmode anymore -Added the ability to hide any interface window -Minor changes and fixes to the user interface -Included Mereths easy enhance mod (thanks to Mereth!)

2.0. final (April 2007) -Redesigned the mod,access a popup panel with shift-Tab with many options -Added multiple custom and predefined layout saving and loading -Redesigned the move and resize system, you now have access to options for each panel -Added vertical layout for most panels -Added icon resizing -Added key remapping panel, you can now bind your keys -Added Build Hotkeys, you can define and use shortcuts to build buildings and units -Added Radial Orders menus, press ctrl/alt middle mouse button to access -Added mouse wheel scrolling for tech levels while over construction -Added strategic build icons (Thanks to ()((() for the code and III_Demon for the icons) -Multiple changes to the code structure (March 2007) -Added camera option panel -Added III_Demon's zoom pop feature -Added language selection: french or english -Added nice layout, layout now adapts to your screen resolution on first launch or on mod reset. -Modified unit view to fit better with the ui -Fixed several internal issues, made the code cleaner -Fixed all known bugs to make a bug free release

2.1.beta (March 2007) -Mod made compatible with mod manager -Update of the ui manager -Added a slider to control max zoom -Added a button to invert the energy bar -Added a checkbox to enable ressource sharing at launch -Score window is now movable -Unit view window is now movable -Fixed various minor bugs

2.b. (Febuary 2007) -Updated for patch 3217 -Added a max zoom slider in the ui manager -Mod works while watching replays -Fixed various bugs

2. (Febuary 2007) -Mod made compatible with the latest patch -Added UI manager which includes: -Ability to save and load layouts -Ability to Drag, minimize, Resize and set the transparency of windows. -Made the minimap resizable, doesn't work perfectly yet.

1.2.1. (Febuary 2007) -Fixed the economy bars -Made the options menu draggable -Changed default layout

1.2. (January 2007) -Made the economy bars draggable -Added a Dragger Enable/Disable feature -Made The Construction panel draggable independantly from the minimap

1.1. (January 2007) -Fixed critical bugs

1.0. (January 2007) -First Version

Overall, this is one of the best mods ever to be released for the game so far. The innovative UI features allow you to take your User Interface customation to a whole new level. This mod is definitely well worth your download.


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