Seraphim ACU in Campaign (FA)

ark_seraacucampaign_fa.scd —


ok well like the name this mod allows you to use the seraphim in the campaign (you will need the campaign enabler. and from what I can tell it works fign the only problem is in the first mission you cant see your acu. but in the other missions you are fign and as for finding your acu you can see upgrades so when you start just build an upgrade and you can see him. other then that it is funny to play as the seraphim in the campaign killing the other seraphim.

- Eluvatar



Requires Campaign Mod Enabler - FA.

Here's a simple mod that replaces the ACU you spawn with in the campaign with a Seraphim ACU, allowing you to play the campaign using Seraphim tech, including the ACU's ridiculously OP regeneration upgrades. It does not do anything else, however. UI skin, player color (not that it affects Seraphim units in the campaign), dialogue, and secondary objectives still depend on which faction you select.

To install, put it in your Forged Alliancegamedata folder, run FA with the mod enabler, and enable the mod in the mod manager.

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