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well I have a feeling that most of you have heard of this mod before. but what it dose it makes the AI better, smarter and faster (and by faster I mean it dose not use as much cpu power slowing down you pc) now note that because the ai is smarter it is also better and stronger so the game will be harder. but that is not the main feature of this mod. the main feature is support by mods if you use this ai with a mod that says it supports "Sorian AI" then that means that if you use his AI they will build the new units and building like they should (note this also makes the game harder :p ) another cool feature is that you can tell your AI allies where to attack and respond to map pings. they also support chat so if you say "target bob" and you are playing with a player named bob then your allie will start to attack him. you can read more about it in the read me. but come on lets start playing already.

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Sorian AI Mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Current Version: 1.6.3 (8-14-08)

FA Version Compatibility:
1.5.3596: Compatible
1.5.3598: Compatible
1.5.3599: Compatible

Please Note: Since this mod cannot yet be made Mod Manager compatible it will always be on. If you would like to play with people who are not using the mod or watch replays where the mod was not being used you must either remove the included .scd files or change their file extension to something like: .dontuse

This AI requires the AI Support Mod which is included with the download.

This mod is fully compatible with Cheating AI Adjustment Options and Duncane's AI Patch Mod, which are both recommended downloads.

If you would like to add AI support for your Unit Mod, please read [GUIDE] How to add AI support for your Unit Mod

This mod introduces 4 new AIs complete with new features, new behaviors, and many bug fixes.

Feature Highlights:
The AI will recognize and react to certain ally chat commands. More details below.
The AI will notify allies of who the AI's primary target is.
The AI will notify allies about when and where the AI is firing nukes through chat and a map ping.
The AI will respond to enemy T4 threats.
The AI will upgrade its commander.
Improved Sim speed over the retail Forged Alliance AI.
Many of the bugs and typos in the retail Forged Alliance AI have been fixed.
Improved econ and build orders.
The AI will refrain (as much as possible) from shooting into cliffs.
The AI will taunt enemies.
The AI will recognize and react to ally pings (F5, F6, and F7). More details below.
The AI will group its T4 units.
The AI will go nuts when it has a Paragon.
The AI now features a Strategy Manager.
There is now a support system for custom units.

Main Site: http://code.google.com/p/sorian-ai-mod/

The AIs

Sorian: Kind of like the Balanced AI in SC. Good for 20x20+ maps (and sometimes 10x10)

Sorian Rush: Just like it sounds, a rush AI. Good for small maps like 5x5 or 10x10.

Sorian Air: An AI that focuses a lot more on Air.

Sorian Water: An AI that focuses on Air and Water.

Sorian Turtle: An AI that forgoes early offensive units to build defenses and tech faster.

Sorian Adaptive: Picks one of the Sorian AIs based on the map and allows it to choose expansion bases based on several factors.

AI = Regular AI

AIx = Cheating AI

How to leave feedback

To leave feedback about the AI (especially if you are reporting a bug or odd behavior) please include the following information:

    * Which AI (Sorian, Rush, Air, Water, or Turtle).
    * Which version of the AI.
    * What map. If it is a custom map, please note what size the map is and what type (Land or Island or Mix).
    * Game settings (FFA or teams, how many players, races, etc)
    * As much information about the bug as possible.

To Install

If you use the Installer

Download the installer and double click it, it will guide you through the rest.

If you use the Zip file

Simply download the zip file and extract the included .scd files to your THQGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander - Forged Alliancegamedata directory.

To Uninstall

If you use the Installer

Open the control panel and choose Add/Remove Programs. Find the entry for "Sorian AI Mod" and remove.

If you use the Zip file

Simply remove the included .scd files from your THQGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander - Forged Alliancegamedata directory.

Chat Features

This AI includes chat features that allows the AI to communicate with allies and allows you to communicate with it.

Currently supported commands:

&quot;target <name or &apos;at will&apos;>&quot; - (without the <>) Tells the AI to target whomever you specify.

Map Pings

This AI will recognize and react to allied map pings.

Currently supported commands:

Alert (F5 - Yellow): The AI will repond with nearby units to the ping.
Move (F6 - Blue): The AI will attempt to build a defense point or firebase here.
Attack (F7 - Red): The AI will target units in the ping area with all Artillery and TMLs in range for the next 5 minutes.

Release Notes



I would like to say thanks to the following supporters of this mod;
and the rest of the people who have left feedback and made the suggestions that has helped this AI grow. I am sure I am missing a lot of you.

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