Sorian/ Jaws2002 AI Pack

This is an updated version of the oustanding mod for skirmish AIs in supreme commander,

It includes 6 selectable ais. All are hard, 3 nor...


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File Description

This is an updated version of the oustanding mod for skirmish AIs in supreme commander,

It includes 6 selectable ais. All are hard, 3 normal ones plus their cheating versions. Personally I love the Sorian Rush AI on land maps, you get constantly harassed by a varying stream of units that probe your defences looking for weak points. The Jaws AI is a must for any water map. As I'm sure you've found, the in-game ais aren't great at water maps.

One really cool feature is the chat. If your allied with one of the ais, they will send you messages letting you know, who they're concentrating their fire on, so you can help them in a big push.

Check out all the new additions in the readme below

If like me, you want more of a challenge from an offline skirmish give it a go. You won't be dissapointed!


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Download '' (222KB)

Sorian/Jaws2002 AI Pack version 2.5f

This file includes 6 AIs; The default Sorian AI (Kind of like the balanced), Sorian-rush AI, and Jaws2002-water AI. You can either choose an AI or choose the "SJ Chooser" to have it choose the best Sorian/Jaws AI for the map.

The other 3 Ais are cheater versions of the default, rush, and water AIs.

This AI uses a lot of custom behaviors to make the AI play smarter, play as a better ally with both humans and AIs, and communicate with its allies.

This version will only affect the behavior of AIs in our AI pack.

See this post for more information.

How to install

Simply place 01_sorian_ai.scd into your THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\gamedata folder. When you start your next game the new Ai's will be available from the dropdown list. You do not have to choose this mod from the in-game mod menu, it will be active automatically.

How to uninstall

Simply remove the 01_sorian_ai.scd from your THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\gamedata folder.

Known Bugs

Because of the way this mod is installed you cannot have more than one AI mod installed at once. If you want to use more than one AI (such as this one and Thirlad's AIs) you will have to merge the AI packages. See the following post for information on how to do that.

The AI does not like the 250 unit cap limit, it seems to get stuck.

The AI will not work on custom maps that do not have the appropriate map markers. See Aralez's post about map markers for more info:

Some maps have quirks. There was a map guide at one point, but because of the changes in 1.6 I have removed it for now. Hopefully the changes will help alleviate some of the map problems.

Units will still get stuck along walls. It seems to have a real problem with semi-circles.

Naval units still get stuck at times, especially if there are a lot of them.

The AI does not like it when the civilians on the map are hostile.


Q. While playing a game other people cannot hear my chat messages.
A. If you have the AI installed (even if it isn't being used) and others in your game do not have it installed it can cause communication issues. Either; a)make sure all players have the AI installed, or b)move the AI mod's .scd file out of the /gamedata directory, or c)change the AI mod's file extension to something like .bak or .dontuse.

Q. Why wont any of the AI commanders move?
A. Make sure you are running the most up to date version of SC. As of this readme the newest version is 3254.

Q. Why doesn't your AI show up in the Mods menu?
A. This mod wont show up in the mods menu. After following the install instructions the AIs will show up in the dropdown menu

Q. Why wont your AI show up in the dropdown menu?
A. Make sure you do not have any other mods installed. Some other mods can conflict with this mod, especially other AIs.

Q. Is your AI really any harder than the default AIs?
A. I think so, and so do many other users. You would really have to see for yourself. If you see some room for improvement please feel free to leave feedback here:

Q. After installing your mod all of my replays desynch, why?
A. Desynchs will occur if you watch a replay that was recorded with any of the following: 1) A different version of SC. 2) With any mod that you do not have installed. 3) With a different version of a mod than you have installed.

Q. I wish your AI would <insert nifty idea here>.
A. If you have a neat idea for the AI, even if you don't think it can be done, please post a reply letting us know. Many of the ideas that make this AI great came from user replies. If it is a good idea and it can be done, we will do our best to implement it.

Q. How do I know what version of the AI I have installed.
A. Starting with version 1.4 or 1.5 (can't recall) the version number will show up in-game next to the AI's name. It will also be in the drop-down menu in the game lobby.

Q. How do I modify how much the AI cheats?
A. In each cheating AI there is a function called AIResourceCheat. In that function you will find 2 lines that contain '* 15'. Change the 15 to whatever you want the resource multiplier to be.

Q. Which AI do I use for what map?
A. Here is a breakdown:
Sorian AI (or C version): Mostly for 20x20 or larger with a land bridge if the map has water.

Sorian Rush AI (or C version): 10x10 or smaller with a land bridge if the map has water. Does well without a land bridge if Aeon.

Jaws2002 Water AI (or C version): Any water map with no land bridges.

Version History

2.5f: Small fix for AI Mercy use, Fix for GPG Horde AI bug, Rush AI will use PD if needed.

2.5e: Balanced transports a bit, modified T4 construction priorities, minor balance and teching adjustments, bug fix for Cruisers in Jaws2002 Water AI.

2.5d: Removed most of the T1 defenses from the Rush AI on 5x5 1v1, The AI will group late game T4 units, Patch compatibility for 3260, Balance fixes, AIs will group land units into bigger groups in reaction to enemy defenses, AI Land units will Use move when in enemy base instead of attack move.

2.5c: More Base Defenses, Fix for T4s stopping after building a unit, Commander will rebuild base if factories destroyed, Rush not so aggressive in 5x5 FFA, Fix for aircraft stuck on refuel pads, Commander can build a defensive point, Commander will find safe spot to upgrade at, AI will rush to build defenses in response to experimentals, AI can now use T3 Sonar.

2.5b: A few bug fixes for the Water AI, Loaded transports should not respond to distress calls, Rush AI far more aggressive on 5x5, AI will not build transports on 5x5.

2.5: Fix for starting point bases, improved nuke target priorities, nukes will spread out more, Rush AI will group units, fix for transport pathing, fix for naval unit behaviors, fix for lull going from t1 to t2 and t2 to t3, Jaws AI will build some land units and use transports, strikeforces will pathfind, lots and lots of behavior and balance changes.

2.4: Engineers look for uncompleted projects. Improve Cheating AI. ACU wont patrol if enemy has T3/T4 arty or nuke. ACU will run away from a large group of T3 units before taking damage. Anti-Nukes will be built near Naval Factories. Perimeter Defenses will have shields. Fixed T2 TML bug. Some defenses moved from base to perimeter. Stronger firebases. Rush AI will use heavy T1. Rush AI will rush more. Added mobile AA to Rush Spam. Shield response to T3  arty. Transport pathing fix. Anti-nuke response to nuke silo. Bigger late game platoons. Improved strikeforce priorities. Experimental groups added. Engineers will take over for a dead CDR. Air target priorities improved. Engineers will repair damaged buildings. ACU will attack enemy structures near base. Fix for nuke script. Commander run away behavior fixed. Artillery fix. AI will build perimeter defenses towards the nearest enemy first. The Sorian and Jaws2002 AIs will build Expansion bases and defensive points outwards from their base. Commander will find an active shield to hide under.

2.3: Forward T3 firebases will be built close to the enemy. GPG Tempest bug fixed. Fix for base alarms. Pathfinding threat evaluation improved. Strikeforces should go after targets. Balance changes.

2.2: Threat response improved, Some core threat functions improved, Engineers will assist shields, AIs will use t1 mass fabs, AIs will use mass storage, AIs will reclaim nearby enemy walls, T2 Mobile AA included in T2 and T3 platoons, Fighters should guard transports, Lots of econ adjustments, More AI phrases, ACU will run away from T4 before taking damage, Air units more responsive, Assisting allies less sensitive, Scathis bug fixed, T4 air units fixed, Atlantis behavior improved, Scouting improved, Target switch bug fixed, T2 shields should be built again, T1 transports are back, Lots of minor bug fixes, Air units will look further to refuel, AI will build T3 artillery based on map size, T3 and T4 artillery will take shields into account when choosing targets.

2.1b: Unit pathfinding fix. T4 priorites fixed. More Rush AI spam. Ally response improved. AI will call for help less. Sorian AI economy adjustments.

2.1: Better influence map. AI will not ask for help as often. AI will assist allies (human and AI) in trouble and will send a chat message.

2.0: Fixed for patch. Threat detection improved. Threat response improved.

1.9d: AI ally chat now goes to allies. AI will randomize chat. AI will call for help. Multiple AIs can communiate at once.

1.9c: AI will now chat to allies. Minor balance changes.

1.9b: Fix for protecting mass extractors. Fix for response platoons.

1.9: 1.8c enchancements added to Jaws AI. Commander will patrol if he has nothing better to do.

1.8c: Re-evaluating armies improved. "Top left" bug fix. AI will try to re-take resources. AI will build defenses around mass points. Ships should attack PD before AA.

1.8b: Balance improvements.

1.8: Engineers will now patrol around the base. Land unit attack priorities changed. Rush AI teching sped up. Sorian AI defenses improved. Sorian AI navy improved. Support added for Vech's AI Name Ships mod. Tempest will now surface and dive.

1.7c: Huge fix to pathfinding.

1.7b: More transport balancing. Sorian AI defensive point balancing. Wall reclaim will have a much lower priority. Air Staging should be built. T2 Shields re-balanced. AI target change script updated.

1.7: T1 Transports removed. T2 MML, T3 Artillery, and T3 Bots will use mobile shield/stealth generators. Mobile Shield/Stealth generators will stay with group. Sorian AI will build more early factories. Balance changes.

1.6i: Balance change for Nukes and Anti-Nukes.

1.6h: Commander will take PD, Artillery, and TMLs into account when helping units. Threat evaluation improved. Commander upgrades delayed. AI will try to keep a platoon of fighters up at all times. AI should put up more defenses arounds its mass extractors. 

1.6g: Fix for Rush AI T3 Artillery. Fix for unit pathfinding. Balance changes.

1.6f: Fix GPG bug that prevents existing land platoons from switching targets effectively.

1.6e: Commander run-away behavior will take into account shields.

1.6d: More forward bases. More transport balancing for late game.

1.6c: Fix for T3 forward bases not building (Sorian and Sorian Rush).

1.6b: Transport balancing.

1.6: Greatly improved naval behavior. Stuck units at rally point fixed. Transports now work. Improved land unit pathfinding. Fix for stuck T4 land units exiting water. Improved threat evaluation. AI will expand their base more. Improved scouting. Fighter patrols improved. Cheating AI will use sallyshears. T3 Artillery should attack targets faster. Major balance changes.

1.5b: Fixed commander distress response.

1.5: T3 and T4 artillery priority changes. T3 Experimental priority changes. Balance changes. Fix for GPG leftover bug. Rush AI updated. Fix for GPG Cybran factory bug. Improved threat response. Improved nukes. Improved scouting. T2 Artillery and T2 TML priorities updated. Improved fighter behavior. Naval unfits will patrol if they have no target. Improved Naval defense.

1.4: Commander will only respond to units in distress if he can actually help. Artillery will target T3 resources. Sorian AI get some love. Nuke syncing improved. Air unit behavior greatly improved. Tooltips updated.

1.3: Artillery priorities changed. T3 Artillery will attack all enemies, not focus on just one. AI will re-evaluate enemy strengths every so often and change targets if need be.

1.2b: Small cheating AI fix.

1.2: Econ bug fixed, affects most parts of the AI. Cybran units will now use their stealth/cloak ability. Unit cap better optimized. Commander upgrade order changed. Strike Forces (including T4 units) will no longer patrol. Artillery priorities changed. Sub Commanders will upgrade. AI will spread out its nukes. Various balance fixes.

1.1b: Balance fixes. Cheating AI fixes.

1.1: T3 artillery will now be shielded. T3 Sub Commanders will assist with building. Commander Upgrades fixed and optimized. Econ further optimized. AIBrain file fix (thanks Giskard). Cheating AI improved. Misc balance changes.

1.0b: Changed the SJ Chooser method. The water AI will only be chosen for maps that actually have water.

1.0: Major water AI changes. Minor balance and feature changes to all AIs. Endgame for all Ais improved. T4 use improved. T4 air and water units will respond to unit distress from further away. Nukes are back with a vengeance. T4 Land units should not get stuck under Naval Factories.

0.9h: Yet another GPG leftover radar bug fixed.

0.9g: Fixed yet another Cybran bug GPG leftover, a Comander upgrade.

0.9f: Fixed radar bug. Fixed water AI naval factory teching. Added subs to tech 2 and tech 3 unit list.

0.9e: More cybran shield fixes. Water AI will tech faster. Water AI will tech naval factories better. Balanced and Rush AI will use a greater variety of units.

0.9d: Increased tech 1 base defense. Minor changes to Rush AI.

0.9c: Cybran shield fix. Minor bug fixes. Units will respond to other units in distress from further away. Added lobby tooltips.

0.9b: More economy adjustments. Fix for stuck units (hopefully). Tech 4 land should get stuck under naval factories far less often. Water AI released.

0.9: Scouts fixed and improved (thanks to Xris Sparafucile for most of the code). Other minor balance and economy changes. More experimental response.

0.8: Better teching. Better forward bases. Scouts that aren't being used will be killed off. Improved economy.

0.7: More aggressive AI. Better teching. Better defenses.

0.6: What didn't I change? Too many changes to list.

0.5: Reactive teching implemented. Overlapping unit priorites. AI will build more tech 4 units. AI will send larger swarms. AI will react more to what it's enemy is doing. Supreme AI will no longer choose Sorian's AI. Increased naval defense.

0.4d: AI should tech a bit faster. AI will build at least one anti-nuke before commiting to a T3 Artillery.

0.4c: Ai will only build one tech 3 artillery at a time.

0.4b: Ai will build tech 3 artillery faster.

0.4: Fixed Land Scouts again. Optimized build priorities and platoon templates. Ai will now build torpedo bombers. Ai will build Amphibious Tanks on maps with 30% or more water. AI will tech faster and build tech 4 units more often. Ai will build more radar and will tech up to omni-sensor. Fixed bug where Ai would only build 1 air factory. AI will send units in groups at higher tech levels.

0.3b: Fixed Land Scouts not moving.

0.3: AI should build experimentals a bit sooner and more of them. Some other minor balance changes.

0.2: The AI will manage resources better. It will not get caught with it pants down (teching up without any units out). It will use a variety of units including experimentals and lots of tech 3 units. I have also inproved the function that helps the AI when it reaches unit cap.

0.1: Initial release

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