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SupComCP can tweak your SupCom and manage all of your data like Mods, Savegames, Replays and Maps. Import Mods, Replays, Maps und Savegames directly from ZIP - and RAR-Archives, Export and share them with your friends via ZIP.

SupComCP is still Beta and can contain errors or simply crash. Please tell us such a behaviour and write to [email protected]

Changelog 0.8.0 (22th March 2007)

Launchpad: New ability to save command line as a shortcut

Launchpad: Fixed a bug where the Launchpad could not start SupCom

Launchpad: Replays, Savegames and Maps are not more starting directly SupCom, they are now using Launchpad

Replays: Ability to define additionally folder where Replays are stored. This is in case you change the default location in GPGnet

Screenshots: Ability to launch Screenshots in external application like ACDSee

Online: Notify of new update is now working as it should. Current 0.7.5 Installation are NOT showing new updates!

New Menue containing SupComCP Items

Some UI and Icon Tweaks

Changelog 0.7.5 (05th March 2007)

New Feature: AI Personalizer. Rename AI's to customize your needs. For example, name your AI like your best friend.

Replays: Supporting now the Build 52 and higher (53, 3189, 3217, 3220, ...)

Replays/Savegames: Working also with space in directorynames

Filedetails: Sizes are now shown in KB/MB/GB instead bytes

Importer: Supporting import of SCD (Mods) without ZIP/RAR

Mods: Filedetails not more uppercase

Launchpad: Now saving the last 20 command line for reuse

UI: Bigger Icons for Toolbars, location changed to top (they were left)

Folder for screenshots, savegames and replays are now created by SupComCP

+ Smaller fixes

Changelog 0.7.0 (1st March 2007)

New Tweaker Addition: Disable THQ/GPG/nVidia Logos and Intro

Blueprints: Numerics are now treated as such; affects sorting

Blueprints: Compare now works with selected Blueprints

Blueprints: Improved Caching, added refresh button

GUI: Added Tooltips for every icon

GUI: Fixed a rare crash by exiting SupComCP

Launchpad. New Feature. Build a command line for SupCom

Launchpad: SupCom, supporting different command line switches: novalidate, nosound, fullscreen, windowed, dualhead, perftest

Launchpad: GPGnet, enables you to start GPGnet in a different language

Statistics: New Feature. How many space are my SupCom Savegames consuming? How many...

Statistics: Supporting Maps, Mods, Replays, Screenshots, Savegames, Size of whole Profile and SupCom Installation

SupComCP offers you also: Tweaker

Mission Unlocker - Unlock all Missions

Language Switcher - Change your SupCom language to another, for example switch DE version to US (international versions only)

Unitdatabase - Compare, filter, search, categories all Units in an advanced tableview, export the view

Convert .BMP-Screenshots to .JPEG (single file or all)

Restore damaged fileextension (for example after Demo)

Let Windows show hidden folders ('Local Settings')

Textfiles like Game.prefs can be edited directly

Delete the whole profile

Delete the SupCom Cache

Enable/disable debug facilities

Configure also your Windows Firewall, start UPnP


Import Mods, Replays, Maps and Savegames directly from ZIP- and RAR-Archives

Import possible via filedialog and also Drag'n'Drop - Just move an archive to SupComCP and Mods, Replays, Maps und Savegames will be detected and copied to the correct folders automatically. Optional SupComCP deletes the source Archive for you. With the Tray it is also possible to minimize SupComCP.

Manage Mods, Replays, Maps und Savegames (rename, delete)

Share files with your friends via ZIP-Export

You are able to browse through SupCom's datafiles (.SCD), view inside LUA Scripts, Blueprints and Bitmaps (.PNG/.DDS/.BMP/etc).

View inside Mods ('mod_info.lua'), Savegames, Replays (game details) and Maps incl. details and a picture (where available)

See the Version of Replays and Savegames and delete old ones

Launch SupCom to view Replays, Maps and Savegames

Open all gamedata-folders also in Windows Explorer

Start SupComCP and GPGnet with a commandline (like /nosound)

Start SupComMark (perftest)

For the next version we plan to integrate:

MoviePlayer - View all Movies from the game

SupComCP Multilanguage (EN, DE, FR, ?)


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