Supreme Commander v1.0.3189 to v1.1.3217 Patch

SupCom 3217 is the first patch from the initial gold versions shipped to most territories.* Build 3217 represents a full integration fro...


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SupCom 3217 is the first patch from the initial gold versions shipped to most territories.

* Build 3217 represents a full integration from the game's main development branch, reflecting many changes to the game's code base. Only the partial highlights are included here. * Support for Direct2Drive download version enabled. * Several color, prop, texture, normal map and effects adjustments throughout the game. * Several animation and animation speed adjustments throughout the game. * Note that Build 3217 does not include an update to GPGnet. Current GPGnet version is 1.5.52. * Add open/close slot functionality. * Fix observer button appearing/disappearing. * Chat history should now only display the senders name on the first line of every message. * Fixed an issue with the chat window that was making the allies and all buttons function incorrectly. * Pausing the game then opening and closing a menu that pauses the game will no longer unpause the game. It will remain paused until the user unpauses. * Game no longer hangs when minimizing during a non-interactive sequence. * Rules for reclaiming building have changed significantly, reducing a possible game exploit. * Minimalist UI: A much lower footprint UI has been added in game. This UI takes up much less real estate. To activate the UI you press + . * Selection Bars: Several changes were made to the selection bars' sizes and center points to more accurately highlight the selected unit. * Prebuilt Units: This new skirmish option provides the user(s) and any additional AIs with 4 mass extractors, 4 power generators, and 1 land factory at the beginning of the match. * Updated chat/console window: Several changes to the console and in-game chat window improve the visual appearance and also allow it to be moved around the screen. * Numerous localization changes and fixes for the world wide releases of Supreme Commander * ACU Death Nuke damage reduced. * Commander Overcharge damage reduced when used against other Commanders. Damage towards non-Commander units (Sub-Commanders included) will remain the same. * Sub-Commanders are no longer reclaimable. * UEF T3 Gunship economy cost increased, damage decreased. * UEF Commander Shoulder Pod movement speed reduced slightly. * T1 and T2 Sonar now have a minimum build distance from shore. * T2 Artillery power adjacency bonus corrected and is now consistent across factions. * UEF T2 Power Generator's adjacency bonus has been corrected to be consistent with the other factions' T2 Power Generators. * Cybran T2 Point Defense beam changes to fix a bug, will have minimal balance impact. * A number of economy exploits have been fixed.

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