Supreme Commander v1.1.3217 to v1.1.3220 Patch



Apparently somehow we managed to miss out a patch so this is it here now :) - BCDS

Supreme Commander Update 3220 Release Notes

* Blue screen crashes: Resolved an issue where some users were experiencing hard crashes after applying the 3189->3217 patch. * SecuROM: The disc-check security feature has been removed (except for Polish, Russian, and Chinese-Traditional releases). * Language Updates: Polish Unicode fix for some missions' localization data. * MP Exploit Enhancement System: The game now verifies that an enhancement order is valid before proceeding. * Mini UI: Construction manager, Queue manager, and Selection manager now stretch horizontally to fill the bottom of the screen. * In-Game Chat o Shift+Enter now sends chat to allies. o Incoming messages will no longer prevent strategic zoom function or display factional icons. o Messages should no longer disappear in an active chat window.

Special Note: 8-Player Games: A known issue exists for Update 3220, where some 8-player games experience crashes during gameplay. Initial testing indicates a memory allocation issue. However, stats indicate that 8-player games are approximately .5% of all games being played, so our decision was to release the update with this known issue.

Special Note: SecuROM and Mod Users: If you have modified your game in order to defeat SecuROM disk authentication (or performed any modification, for that matter), it is likely that Update 3220 will cause problems for you. To correct this, you must uninstall Supreme Commander, reinstall and then connect to GPGnet to patch up.


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