SYkoste's Map Pack



HiveThe KeyAnd some old favourites:Chartres FireCore Prime Canyon FortLondon 38152ADTemplementalFusionFusion SquaredEnjoy - and most of all have fun. Remember some of these maps are very different to normal supcom maps - they have what is known to us as 'tactical terrain'. This means its not open-plain sailing. You must adapt your stategies and defense tactics that you may otherwise have not used in big open maps. These maps will extend SC and FA to new levels of strategy. Dig in and defend, push forward wisely, use the terrain to hide behind or ambush. Its all in the name of entertaining fun. If a FATBOY gets stuck - its because he is too fat. Use something else in that area and develop your tactics. These maps where developed to make you use those underrated level 1 and 2 bots, to make you switch strategies mid-way, to have walls that can block artillery rounds so you can build secret bases. certain areas only allow tiny level 1 engineers through - so you have to build up again from tech 1. These elements are all in there to add to the style of play so please enjoy them for what they are...You will also find all of my maps in the GPGnet vault. Keep your eye out for more in the near future either on FileFront or the vault.Thanks,SYkoSteAppreciation goes a long way. These maps where developed for our LAN game sessions based on what we wanted from the game. They may not be to everyone's taste - but hey, they should at least be available. Make your own choice, enjoy or wine at your leisure - but PLEASE don't winge to me. I much prefer positive feedback for my unpaid efforts than people picking up on MEX alignment and my spelling! ;)


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