well today "Eni" brings us "Totalveterancy" a new and improved system for vetrancey. with this new system your units not only improve HP and...


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well today "Eni" brings us "Totalveterancy" a new and improved system for vetrancey. with this new system your units not only improve HP and damage but range build speed ect... for a full list read the readme. but the best thing is that your units dont have a limit to vetrancy level:D which means for those of you who use their ACU for battle it will become more useful. well their is not much to say about this mod so for all of you out their happy moding and merry christmas:).

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TotalVeterancy Mod.

This mod changes the veterancy system to make veterans usefull. Additional it fixes some stacking issues between upgrades and buffs.

There is no more maximum level. Units will get stronger al the time by killing enemys without any limit. Note that there is no display past level 5 yet.

Gain per level of all Units:
+10% hp
+ 5% damage for all weapons
+ 5% RoF for all weapons
+ 3% range for all weapons
+ 2% speed (movment, turn, acceleration)
+ 5% vision, omni, radar range
+10% buildrate

Additional for ACUs and SCUs
+2 metal/s
+100 energy/s

ACUs and SCUs main weapon now has AoE = 1
All units have an additional starting regeneration based on their hp

0 Values will stay 0.
A Unit without area effect weapon will not gain AoE with veterancy.

Better be carefull with spams now as free veterancy for your enemy may be your end.

To install the mod you need to extract the "TotalVeterancy" folder into your "SupremeCommander\mods" folder


Initial Version.

Version 1.1

-Lifetime Issues Fixed. There are 2 Lifetimes. and Long range weapons used the wrong one.

-Air Speed Fixed. Air units no longer get speed buff on levels. This will avoid misslead for bombers and fighters.

-Lobo issue fixed. I was missing a return value in a projectile function which lead to a lot of issues (most obvious was the lobo)

-Range issue for Fatboy Fixed. Max Pitch range and MuzzleVelocity got increased in thge Fatboy blueprint. Buffing muzzelvelocity by veterancy i do not want to do as a lot of projectile scripts (mainly missiles) change this value during the flight and i may conflict with this.

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