well this is the latest edition of "Totalveterancy" this is I would say my favorite mod I use it in all my lan games and stuff :cool:. but for this version some new things added are you can see what level your units are at rather than guessing. the style for going up is different you have to get 4x the amount of health killed than your unit (is that right ;)) or 4x damage taken. so your unit has 100 HP and if he takes 400 damage he goes up a level. now I know that sounds... odd but because the unit regens it all works out. or if he gives 400 HP damage he goes up a level. another cool feature is shields gens increase veterancy as they take damage as well their are also more changes read the readme. thanks for making Eni cant wait for the next one

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TotalVeterancy Mod. (only working with Forged Alliance)

This mod changes the veterancy system to make veterans usefull. Additional it fixes some stacking issues between upgrades and buffs.

There is no more maximum level. Units will get stronger all the time by killing enemys without any limit. 
A Unit gains a level after doing 4 times its own value as damage or take 4 times the own health as damage. Taking shield damage is worth less xp.
A units xp value is sqrt(masscost + energycost/200 + buildtime/25) with exception of the commanders who has a lower value.
Mass extractors gain xp over time. (one level all 10 minutes)

Gain per level of all Units:
+10% hp
+10% shield hp
+10% shield regen
+ 5% damage for all weapons
+ 5% RoF for all weapons
+ 2.5% range for all weapons
+ 2.5% speed (movment, turn, acceleration)
+ 2.5% vision, omni, radar range
+10% buildrate
+10% mass and energy production

Additional for ACUs and SCUs  (first 5 levels only)
+2 metal/s
+200 energy/s

ACUs and SCUs main weapon now has AoE = 1
All units have an additional starting regeneration based on their hp

0 Values will stay 0.
A Unit without area effect weapon will not gain AoE with veterancy.

Better be carefull with spams now as free veterancy for your enemy may be your end.

To install the mod you need to extract the "TotalVeterancy" folder into your "SupremeCommander-FAmods" folder. If it does not exist just create it.  ('SupremeCommander-FA' is what ever you have called your forged alliance installation path)

Many thanks to ChirmayaWrongEmail for the work on UI display stuff.


Initial Version.

Version 1.1

-Lifetime Issues Fixed. There are 2 Lifetimes. and Long range weapons used the wrong one.

-Air Speed Fixed. Air units no longer get speed buff on levels. This will avoid misslead for bombers and fighters.

-Lobo issue fixed. I was missing a return value in a projectile function which lead to a lot of issues (most obvious was the lobo)

-Range issue for Fatboy Fixed. Max Pitch range and MuzzleVelocity got increased in thge Fatboy blueprint. Buffing muzzelvelocity by veterancy i do not want to do as a lot of projectile scripts (mainly missiles) change this value during the flight and i may conflict with this.


-Lifetime of Nukes fixed.

-changed default veterancy buffs and implemented a level cap for different stats.

Hp now is 5% per level to a maximum of infinit bonus
Buildrate is now 10% per level to a maximum of infinit bonus
Danage and RoF is now 5% per level to a maximum of infinit bonus
range now is 5% per level to a maximum of 100% bonus
AoE now is 2.5% per level to a maximum of 100% bonus
vision,radar and omni is now 2.5% per level to a maximum of 100% bonus
speed is now 2.5% per level to a maximum of 50% bonus (ground and sea units only)

-Changed mass/nergy bonus
-Changed from kill based to damage based veterancy.
-Implemented the UI support for the new veterancy stuff

-Formula changed to a sqrt one. Will slow down low tech units leveling a bit and speed up high tech units leveling.
-Units now need 4 times their value per levelup.
-Units now gain shield power and regen per level (if they have a shield). -Additional units now gain xp for taking shield damage (less than real damage)
-Mass extractors now gain xp over time (one level all 10 minutes). This increase the value of old mexes and makes raids more hurting if you lose one.

-Tuned down leveling speed of ACUs a bit
-Fixed UI dispaly of levels and progress
-Fixed Beam weapons to allow them geting buffs. Origin scripts from GPG only used blueprintvalues and ignored all modifications.

lot of stuff

TotalVeterancy Core v1.7
-Changed the xpvalue calculation in the blueprints.lua. There are now 4 locals to customize.
   default is 4 times own value per level and value is sqrt(coststuff)
-Implemented nuke Damage/Area buffs. Nuke Damage gets normal Damage buffs. AoE gets half AoE buffs.

TotalVeterancy AutoXP V1.1
-Powerplants now get a level all 10 minutes.
-Radars now get a level all 5 minutes

Total Veterancy UI V1.1
-There is now a display for Buildpower of a unit
-There is now a display for Regenrate of a unit

TotalVeterancy Core V1.8
-UEF laser sat xp value adjusted
-UEF laser sat now shares xp with its command station

Total Veterancy UI V1.2
-Fixed a bug with buildrate display. It said '1' if no info was available 

-added an allive check into the Cybran missile code when trying to set speed and acceleration.
-removed multiple LOG commands that should bnotz be in a release
-removed the retargeting on losing traget as it is not working in FA. Will be back as soon as i figured out what prevents tracking after lost target.

TotalVeterancy Core V1.9
-'Untargetable' units bo longer gain xp if there is no basexp set in the blueprint
-Seraphim ACU regenaura is now stacking with other buffs. Because how hp buffs are applyed in my mod they no longer work as a heal.

CheapAntiNuke V1.0
-Cuts all Antinuke Costs by 10 to allow fights against multiple AIx.

TotalVeterancy Core V1.10
-Seraphim SCU and ACU build xp fixed.

TotalVeterancy Core V1.11
-Cybran Destroyer speed buffs fixed.
-Nuke AoE and Damage buffs fixed. They wrote Aoe into damage and damage into AoE

TotalVeterancy Core V1.12
-Fixed the calculation of the "RegenPercent" buff used by the Seraphim ACU aura. The aura gives now the bonus that the blueprint tells.

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