Unofficial Amphibious Tank Balance Mod

A nice amphibious tanks mod here, making them a truely worthwhile addition to any army. I never used to use these in game as they were just...


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A nice amphibious tanks mod here, making them a truely worthwhile addition to any army. I never used to use these in game as they were just cannon fodder, but this mod gives them true tactical purpose. Anyways Vid-szhite does a much better job describing his mod,

Yep, yet another one of Vid-szhite's unofficial balance mods come to save the day for yet another gimped unit class.

Amphibious tanks are truly worthless, despite the potential strategic options they (could) provide. It seems the devs are trying very hard to make sure these tanks don't see use on landmaps, which makes no sense since that means they have to be useless while they're on land...which is the very place they're supposed to go and attack.

They're supposed to be able to land on the beach and open holes in the AA guns for the transports to come in and drop the much stronger land units, or just kill a poor newb on an island because he forgot to build a land army. That really, really doesn't work at ALL if your opponent has any land units, however, since the amphibious tanks have such terrible stats and effectiveness that it's a wonder anyone would build them. They do cost less to build, but with a 50% longer build time, you HAVE to use engineers to make it less hellish.

On top of that, they get obliterated by Gunships. They accelerate so slowly that for any of them to miss their low-HP bodies would take a drunken computer.

I have a different vision for them. Instead of costing less and being crappy, why don't they cost a bit more and hit a bit harder? Instead of being Tech 1.5, why not Tech 2.5? Why shouldn't they be useful in land based armies? They have to fight them anyway!

But this is a difficult balance to make, lest they become better than the T2 land tanks. Should they be comparable, since one can traverse both land and water and the other is land only?

I'm thinking yes. They should be comparable in power, but a significant investment all the same. They're expensive and take longer to build, so you might not want them on land, but you'd at least have the option. I want to see their use in heated games where you would have to fear an opponent using amphibious tanks. I want Aeon's lack of an amphibious T2 tank to be the COST they have to pay for having the best navy, not an added bonus.

Stat changes can be seen in the readme below.


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Unofficial Amphibious Tank Balance Mod v 1.0
Original Author: Vid-szhite.

And now, for something completely different.


Extract it to your Mods folder inside your SupCom directory. If you have no such folder, make it.


<<Cybran Wagner>>

Slower than Continental Drift and twice as hard to stop. Wagners are now a lethal force to be 
reckoned with. Their armor's tougher than ANY other T2 tank's, and they have been refitted with 
homing rockets with much more thrust. Their rockets have been refitted with more than just homing
capabilities, though...they now detonate in a hail of shrapnel. In addition, their bolters have
been upgraded to not only fire with twice the intensity, but with a small splash radius as well.
This has met with a drastic increase in costs, however.

* Increased Mass cost from 120 to 240. It now costs 50% more than the standard T2 Tank.

* Increased Energy cost from 900 to 1200.

* Increased range of all land guns from 18 to 25.

* Added homing capabilities to their Meson Rockets.

* Added an Acceleration of 15 to their Meson Rockets.

* Added Damage Radius of 1.5 to their Meson Rockets.

* Doubled Electron Bolter damage from 15 to 30 (DPS from 7.5 to 15; total DPS to 75).

* Added Damage Radius of 1 to their Electron Bolter.

* Increased HP From 650 to 1700.

If you're looking for a good replacement to the Rhino that doesn't shoot ground, you aren't going
to find it in the Wagner. Their rockets hit the same bumps as the Rhino guns do--except the
Rhino's much faster and can maneuver around them! At the very least it's tough to impossible to
micro around the Wagner... Take care against larger numbers of units. The Wagner's been much
improved, but they can still be overwhelmed.

<<UEF Riptide>>

Advances in technology have improved the Riptide's armor and turning speed drastically. They're
now just as tough as the Pillar and have much stronger guns. Naval units and land forces alike 
had better watch their backs--their immunity to torpedoes is something to be feared.

* Increased Mass cost from 120 to 240. It costs just as much as the Wagner.

* Increased Energy cost from 500 to 1250.

* Increased range from 18 to 25.

* Increased Turn Rate from 23 to 90.

* Increased Muzzle Velocity from 25 to 35.

* Increased TurretYawRange from 0 to 60.

* Increased TurretYawSpeed from 0 to 180.

* Added Damage Radius of 1.

* Increased Health from 600 to 1200.

* Increased damage per shot from 12 to 15. (DPS increased from 80 to 100).

--Credits/Contact info--

This mod was originally created by Jonathan McRae (Contact me by PM at the SupCom official forum, Screen Name 
Vid-szhite, I never check my actual email).

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