Voices Are Over

This is a really usefull mod,

Basically it adds a load of voice warnings to the game. It means that you can instantly find out when, one...


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This is a really usefull mod,

Basically it adds a load of voice warnings to the game. It means that you can instantly find out when, one of your buildings is being attacked, a scouts spotted enemy buildings/ commanders, your resources are low etc etc etc all the voices are listed below in the readme.

I've found it means you don't have to constantly scroll in and out to keep an eye on all your units, and the pretty ladies voice takes the harsh edge off war!!

Definately a beneficial addition to anyones game.

Note: As its not currently a UI only mod, if you want to use it in multiplayer-every player will need to have it. But if your playing a solo skirmish, you'll be fine.


PS : no moaning about no screenies- they really don't do justice to a sound only mod :rolleyes:

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Download 'voicesareover.zip' (7KB)

Hi everyone ! 

Here's a little mod to add some of the unused VOs to the game. 

Voices Are Over 1.2 

I plan to make this mod UI-only if possible. I've never coded UI-side yet, so it might take a while. Help is welcomed. 

Drop the file in your gamedata folder to install the mod. 
Feel free to report any problem. 

Change log 
- 1.2 
-- changed : replaced 'Energy levels critical' and 'Mass levels critical' with 'Energy levels dangerous' and 'Mass levels dangerous' 
-- changed : 'Mass levels dangerous' is triggered when mass storage is below 10% and dropping 
-- added : 'Mass levels critical' (>80% and rising) 
-- fixed : Intel VOs don't trigger on allied units 
- 1.1 
-- added : Experimental unit under attack 
- 1.05 
-- fixed : all bugs concerning dying civilian units or projectiles 
-- fixed : my mod will now be loaded after the 4th dimension, so now they can work both at the same time 
-- added : uid 
- 1.0 : initial release 

Know issues 
- when you play with no fog, you get "something is detected" pretty much all the time... 

List of added VOs (I work with the french version of the game so my translation may not be 100% correct) : 


Energy depleted 
Mass depleted 
Energy levels dangerous (<30% and dropping) 
Mass levels dangerous (<10% and dropping) 
Mass levels critical (>80% and rising) 


Strategic threat detected (strategic missile launchers) 
Experimental unit detected 
Commander detected 
Enemy installations detected (factories) 

Strategic Weapons 

Strategic missile armed 
Launching strategic missile (you are launching it) 
Nuke intercepted (your nuke was intercepted) 
Incoming nuke destroyed (you destroyed it) 


Experimental unit nearly complete 
Experimental unit operational 
Exprimental unit under construction 
Allied exprimental unit under construction 
Enemy experimental unit under construction 
Experimental unit destroyed 
Allied experimental unit destroyed 
Enemy experimental destroyed 

ACU health 
ACU integrity at 5%! 
ACU integrity at 15%! 
ACU integrity at 25%! 
ACU integrity at 50%! 
ACU integrity at 75%! 

Under attack 

Factory under attack 
Power generator under attack 
Mass extractors under attack 
Experimental unit under attack 

Ferry route set 

by HX 4.5

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