Volcano Island



Volcano Island by Avenger89. Here we have a 10km x 10km 4 player map. This a symetrical map with the action revolving around a large volcano in the centre of the map (hence the maps name). The map is split into four equal portions with each area connected to the 2 adjacent ones by a land bridge. These bridges are essential defence points to ensure you stay in control of your quarter of the map.

Each player starts on a raised plateau in a corner of the map.This height gives a distinct defensive advantage allowing you to rain hell down on an assaulting army. In your immediate starting location each player gets four mass points and one hydrocarbon point, theres also plenty of other resources dotted around the map that you'll need to push forward and win the battle.

This is a well thought out map that is good for turtling. The volcano really looks the part and the lava pools really add to the map, it would have been better if the rivers were lava aswell. It would also have been nice if the volcano played a part in the action eg. bridges to it, allowing you fight around its summit. Note: The screenie showing a battle inside the volcano was just me messing about and spawning them to see what it looked like. All in all a nice map and well worth a download!



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