Waterworld wars

A big sea battle map here. If you fancy a large slice of ocean warfare this is the map for you.



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A big sea battle map here. If you fancy a large slice of ocean warfare this is the map for you.


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Download 'scmp_mvcx_03.zip' (4.05MB)

 Waterworld Wars: Ver. 3 Size: 80 X 80 4 player

A mostly water map with small islands, large sea expanses, and very deep impassable ocean bottom. The ACU generation points are far apart and the islands are too small for extensive bases and too far apart for tech 3 artillery to reach. If it can’t fly or float, it’s just a base defense on this map. Naval and air units are critical to victory, and long-range missions are the norm. Watch out for air units depleting their fuel reserve and slowing down considerably. 

Waterworld Wars was created in response to a request of a family member who wanted a good naval battle map in 80x80 size. He did not like what was at that time available because it grouped the opponents to close together to really take advantage of naval forces and because land based experimentals could just walk underwater to attack an opponent base. This map provided the separation of opponents and made it impossible to walk anything from island to island on the bottom of the sea. The number of players was restricted to 4 to make the map feel even larger.

Height and texture maps created in PhotoShop 6, and post work in HazardX Map Editor.

Originally released on supcomsource.net in its early versions. Being posted in Version 3 here, for the first time.

Unzip downloaded file and place resulting folder named "SCMP_MVCX_03" with all its contents into your SupCom game "Maps" folder. It should then be available in the game's map listing to be selected.

To uninstall the map, just delete the file folder "SCMP_MVCX_03" from the SupCom game "Maps" folder.

Author: MVCX
Originally released: Ver. 1 2007-04-27
Released Ver. 3 2007-07-03

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