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Supreme Commander Supreme Surrender - Ep 3

This is the last episode of the mini series of Supreme Surrender, this one concludes with one of the funniest actions in the whole series. SupCom news is sure hard to find, this is the only thing I could dig up today... :(


Supreme Commander Supreme Surrender - Ep 2

RoosterTeeth have released their second episode of the new hit: Supreme Surrender. This one leaves off from the last one and is quite funnier, more action than talking in this episode. You can also download this video for yourself at high res. Download 1(Quicktime) Here Download 2(Windows Media) Here


Supreme Commander Supreme Surrender

well guys the people at Rooster Teeth have started a new series (the people that made "Red Vs. Blue") and it is called "Supreme Surrender" Epi one is out on "youtube" so looking forward to more cause we all play Halo 3 and love that so this must be much better :D


Supreme Commander New Forged Alliance Units

Well FA is out and ready to be bought by all you loyal fans! Well how about we take a look at some of the new units that will be included in your "destined to be bought" game. Cybran: UEF: Aeon: For those who didn't see the original E3 2007 Trailer: A Seraphim Demo: Another Seraphim Vid, with a nice ACU explosion: So now th...


Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Intro

For anyone who hasn't got Forged Alliance yet,heres a link to the brilliant new intro thats been posted on Youtube, I dare you to watch it and not want the game! Enjoy -Buckfast76


Supreme Commander Forged Alliance: First Screenshots

For anyone who hasn't yet seen them, these are the first screenshots for the up-coming 'Forged Alliance' expansion. A couple of new units are clearly visible, A new mech style walker unit for the UEF & A walking box for the Cybran (possible walking bomb?) Have a look for yourself, what do you think? -Buckfast76


Supreme Commander German iPower Games Qualifier

The Electronic Sports League holding the German qualifying games for a tournament in Lisbon, Portugal. This is a littledifferent from most Supreme Commander tournaments, however, in that instead of just playing Supreme Commander teams play in three other games as well. Players can win a brand new computer from Packard Bell from the tournament. Registration b...


Supreme Commander SUPCOM PATCH 2351 RELEASED!!!

Guess what everyone!?!? What you've all been waiting for has happened! THE LATEST PATCH FOR SUPREME COMMANDER IS OUT, AND BOY IS IT GOOD! Grab the patch here, if you have your game patched to 3223 right now:;79329 LIST OF CHANGES: MISC * New cartographic view for both main vie...



Well, SupCom has been out for a while now, and most sites have already taken the time to rate C&C3, so now it's our turn to see how well they did when compared to each other. Which one is truly the best RTS of the Year so far? Well read down farther to see what most sites are saying! Below are the scores for each game given by 4 different sites. The aver...