Scout Update 2 :: Arena Watchtower & CP Junction

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ARENA WATCHTOWER - created by Joshua ‘JoshuaC’ Shiflet An Arena map that plays unlike any of Valve’s Arena maps, with a heavy focus on vertical space and long, open sight lines. Control of the central building is a key decision that teams must wrestle over. More Sniper friendly than most Arena maps, it’s a perfect complement to the Scout update. Batter up!

41524_1t.jpg 41524_2t.jpg 41524_3t.jpg 41524_4t.jpg

CP JUNCTION - created by Sean ‘Heyo’ Cutino A Gravel-Pit style map that the community has been heckling us to include for months. Junction is a sharp contrast to Watchtower. It’s full of tight spaces and short sight lines, which create combat opportunities dominated by ambushes and explosive weaponry.

41524_5t.jpg 41524_6t.jpg 41524_7t.jpg 41524_8t.jpg

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