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Skins Team Fortress 2: Old Fire Axe Reskin (v1.0)

After some time, the author (P@inkilla) has finished his work. It is a fire axe, with the new handle and scratched a head. Enjoy!Any comment...


Skins Team Fortress 2: Dark Dragon Machete (Final)

A very nice looking Machete for the sniper made by U_N_D, with the help of TheUNDERTAKER, Black and 77.Shot.exe. Check out the screenshots...


Skins Team Fortress 2: Jarate's Bonk with Effect

A nice little drink made by EnthDegree with effect! Check out the screenshots for a detailed view, and the readme below for installation ins...


Skins Pokemon Meets The Sandman (v1.0)

replacement Bonk effects - 4 to choose from.


Skins Hell Styled Demo Man Bottle

iconHope You Like This


Skins Team Fortress 2: ELiX ZaLosts Battle Hard Kukri

a pretty long time to put together. Installation:Just extract the files into the corresponding files in your tf folder.should look...


Skins Team Fortress 2: tehwallaby's Bat Retex

my first ever skins, and the author hopes you enjoy it!


Skins Team Fortress 2: Black Spy (v1.0)



Skins Team Fortress 2: Net Ball Pokeball Sandman Skin (v1.0)

This is the first of 4 different pokeballs the author is making. Coming soon will be the Great Ball, the Heavy Ball and the Master Ball.


Skins Dragonstorm's America Team Skins

making a balance for it. please download and rate. Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It real...


Skins Team Fortress 2: J.4.C.K.8's Sniper's Machete

A very nice made Snipers Machete made By ({TU})- J4CK8, put the materials folder into your tf folder, overwrighting files.


Skins The Scottish Demoman

Demoman's head scottish. But he's not experienced with modeling, so he ended up and preferred doing only skinning, hope you guys like it.


Skins Alternative Heavy Weapons Guy Pack

colour.-Natascha: Like the minigun, dark green chain.-The Killing Gloves of Boxing (Both teams): Black, with team logos.Hope you like it, en...


Skins Alternative Soldier

A alternative skin for the soldier. It's a very simple skin with only a re-color, but very fancy looking.


Skins Oddworld Buttflo for bonk

has also included a pink/purple liquid skin, to add the more laxative feel to it.


Skins Expresso! For BONK energy

faster, and bonk (supposedly) does the same, so this skin only makes sense. This skin is pretty good on its own as well, as the other/misc d...


Skins The Scouts Poisondrink

think it's original. he made it this way because when he was pretending to make a BONK! skin, he had the idea of transform the energy drink...


Skins Alternative Scout Bat

A skin replacement for the scout's bat. It's very simple, it only have two diferences: the bat and handle color and the warning simbol. Enjo...


Skins Demoman Emblem Replacement

looking for a skin that changes the emblem. Since the author couldn't find any, he made one himself.It's much bigger than the other emblems,...


Skins Alternative Sniper

the gloves are blue or red but on first are always black... the author couldn't arrange it or fix it, he apologizes for that. He also edited...


Skins Alternative Demoman

This is a Skin replacement for the Demoman. This is only a recolor for both teams, enjoy!


Skins Death the Pyro

different for each team. he tried but, lamentably, he didn't have any success, so, he had to put the gloves Grey in first person instead red...


Skins Dice Cube Sticky Grenade

This is just a really simple reskin for the sticky nades from Demoman, replacing them with glowing casino dice.


Skins Concrete And Reinforced Rebar Bat

This reskin is a cool looking reskin for the default metal bat, for scout. It's made of concrete, with some metal rebar showing through.


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