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Skins Team Fortress 2: Old Fire Axe Reskin (v1.0)

After some time, the author ([email protected]) has finished his work. It is a fire axe, with the new handle and scratched a head. Enjoy!Any comment...


Skins Team Fortress 2: Dark Dragon Machete (Final)

A very nice looking Machete for the sniper made by U_N_D, with the help of TheUNDERTAKER, Black and 77.Shot.exe. Check out the screenshots...


Skins Team Fortress 2: Jarate's Bonk with Effect

A nice little drink made by EnthDegree with effect! Check out the screenshots for a detailed view, and the readme below for installation ins...


Skins Pokemon Meets The Sandman (v1.0)

replacement Bonk effects - 4 to choose from.


Skins Hell Styled Demo Man Bottle

iconHope You Like This


Skins Team Fortress 2: ELiX ZaLosts Battle Hard Kukri

a pretty long time to put together. Installation:Just extract the files into the corresponding files in your tf folder.should look...


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: ELiX ZaLost's Spider's Sapper

of this skin, please leave some comments as well. How To InstallJust extract the files into the corresponding files in your tf fol...


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: Recolor Scout pistol (v1.0)

Here the author recolored mimetic rendering the upper side in the gun, adding the color black on the iron and then he changed the wood of th...


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: Recolor Spy sapper (v1.0)

In this skin I recolored the sapper. If you don't see well in the sapper's glass there is write "Spy Gentleman".


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: tehwallaby's Pistol Retex

first ever skin, and he hope you enjoy it!


No Screenshot
Skins Electro Drill for Engineer (v1.0)

before contest closing, so soon he will release an update.Comments can be mailed to: Any comments can be emailed to: [email protected] E...


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: Sapper Classic for Spy (v1.0)

Introducing the Sapper Classic, This features a nice wooden casing for your sapper other then that horrible metal one, and an 'electric' rea...


Skins Team Fortress 2: tehwallaby's Bat Retex

my first ever skins, and the author hopes you enjoy it!


Skins Team Fortress 2: Black Spy (v1.0)



Skins Team Fortress 2: Net Ball Pokeball Sandman Skin (v1.0)

This is the first of 4 different pokeballs the author is making. Coming soon will be the Great Ball, the Heavy Ball and the Master Ball.


No Screenshot
Skins Team Fortress 2: Mosstron 500 Super Shotty

screenshots (possably view the movie the author has in the readme) to see if it fits youre tastes, if so download it and rate it.Note: Pleas...


Skins Dragonstorm's America Team Skins

making a balance for it. please download and rate. Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It real...


Skins Team Fortress 2: J.4.C.K.8's Sniper's Machete

A very nice made Snipers Machete made By ({TU})- J4CK8, put the materials folder into your tf folder, overwrighting files.


No Screenshot
Skins Heinz Bonk Pack

refreshing Heinz Bonk Pack!


Skins The Scottish Demoman

Demoman's head scottish. But he's not experienced with modeling, so he ended up and preferred doing only skinning, hope you guys like it.


Skins Alternative Heavy Weapons Guy Pack

colour.-Natascha: Like the minigun, dark green chain.-The Killing Gloves of Boxing (Both teams): Black, with team logos.Hope you like it, en...


No Screenshot
Skins Alternative Scout

removed the tribal tattoos. He has added blond hair and some additional detains such as the shoes and wrist bands. Once again, he also added...


Skins Alternative Soldier

A alternative skin for the soldier. It's a very simple skin with only a re-color, but very fancy looking.


No Screenshot
Skins Alternative Medic

custom HUD as well, enjoy!


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