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Skins ACME Rocket for Rocket Launcher

Have trouble seeing those near-invisible rockets that are default in TF2? Get the new ACME X10000 rocket!Replaces the default soldier rocket...


Skins Guinness Beer Bottle

this is a simple reskin for the demoman melee bottle. It's a black guinness beer bottle. Plain and simple. Enjoy ^.^


Skins Sgt Pepper's Ambassador

come. Download and enjoy!


Skins The Akihambassador: Akiha Tohno carving

Instructions on how to install are contained in the archive!


Skins The Maidassador: Hisui Ambassador

TYPE-MOON.Comes with normal maps and all that kinda stuff for the metallic kick a revolver carving needs! Installation instructions in the r...


Skins Camellia MK-III Machete

2/tf" folderand enjoy!


Skins Blood Berry Bat

v_model and was tiny! Author decided to fix these problems. Mecha has given Viper permissions to release this.


Skins Tsubaki MK-II Axe

and enjoy!


Skins Pyro Blue Axe

This is MasterLOLman's 3rd skin. He merely edited the colors on the axe and has put arrows on top and at the bottom of the axe.


Skins Nuke a Cola

your suggestions for V2


Skins Konata Sapper

weapon folder, just make one.Note again these are animated, and on the blue sapper there is a tiny mess up. The author found out in game tha...


Skins Wrinkle

This is a replacement for the TF2 unlockable weapon \"Homewrecker\", using a model of the weapon \"Wrinkle\" from the webcomic \"Homestuck\"...


Skins More Facial Hair Sniper

has not been released yet!


Bottles Team Fortress 2: Demoman Bawls Bottle Skin

This file will replace the Demoman's regular bottle with a shiny blue Bawls soft drink bottle.


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