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Maps Team Fortress 2: Ultimate 350 Mappack #1

This TF2 Mappack Volume 1 contains 350(!) of the latest Team Fortress 2 custom maps. Most of these maps are 'Control Point' and...


Maps Team Fortress 2: Mario Kart Map

This is a lovely large Mario Kart inspired TF2 map created by Xenon. Includes HDR, background music, drivable vehicles and tons of eye candy...


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Maps Team Fortress 2: HH Map Pack (v1.0)

This map pack was carefully selected by The Hampshire Heavies European TF2 clan and is currently in use on all 3 of their public servers. Th...


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Maps Team Fortress: KotH Barn (Beta 4)

~ Intro: This is a King of the Hill map for Team Fortress 2 made by Captain p0t n00dle ~ aka Phil B ~ Based in a barn, the Red and Blue t...


Maps Team Fortress 2: KotH Barn (Final)

A very fun King of the Hill map set in a Barn, fun with less than 8 players, testing with 8 players, hectic with more than 10! But so much f...


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Maps CP Wolf

cp_wolf is a Team Fortress 2 map. It's an attack and defend remake of RTCW's mp_base (ish).


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Maps RedStone Beta 1

To win each team must own all five Control Points.


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Maps CP Fastlane

A Team Fortress 2 control point map from Skdr.


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Maps CTF Redstone

A Team Fortress 2 capture the flag map from Skdr.


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Maps Team Fortress 2: CP Dock 2 Map (Beta 4)

This map has a new type of point layout for TF2. Its a kind of hybrid of a "gravelpit style" and a "hydro style" layout. There are two round...


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Maps CP Broma

This map orients to the gameplay style/capture point method of a gravel pit.


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Maps CP Oilrig

A control point map from GarbageMan.


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Maps TF Bob Beta 1

This is my first Team Fortress 2 map. It is King of the Hill: hold one control point for a few minutes. It is made for max 10 players and al...


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Maps Team Fortress 2: CP Plot Map (v1.0)

Map Title : cp_plotMap Version : 1.0 (December 29, 2008)Author : Night...


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Maps Team Fortress 2: CP Plot Map (v2.0)

cp_plot_v2 is a 5 stage control point map that is based entirely underground with the center control point being under a rocket. The map has...


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Maps Team Fortress 2: CTF 2Fortfaces Map (Final)

Pricce's first real Team Fortress 2 Map, its a omage to Facing Worlds of the great old Unreal Tournament.


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Maps CTF - Waterhole b4

This is to address a few complaints with the map, and will certainly be the last one.


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Maps CTF - Deli b2

The second beta release for CTF_Deli.


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Maps PL - Reverb a1

The first release of Sub's double payload map, Reverb!


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Maps CP - Zwiffle a4

Alpha 4 of unnamed 5cp map by Zwiffle.


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Maps Pumphouse beta 5

First upload of my control point map Pumphouse.


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Maps CP - Ascension a1

This is a 4 point attack defend style map. The map is located on a mountain side with Red's spawn higher up the mountain so the Blue team ha...


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Maps CTF - Undermine a1

A ctf map.


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Maps cap_point_pitto

This was what i was working on for the cap point competition, however i didn't make the deadline because i cant read bold text.