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not made of aluminum, titanium and australium. While some spaceships are populated by people happy to be living away from planet Earth, most of the ships are used for alternative resources or inhabitable planet search missions. Scientists, environmentalists, politicians and even law enforcement agencies have their own ship and work together towards the same goal: finding Earth 2.0.The Biosphere Legislation Unit (BLU) have been monitoring the activities of environmentalists for the last 25 years. By respecting their cause and making sure nothing is done to harm the very planets activists protect and by supporting them on the political front, they've assured a climate of cooperation and respect between both parties for the well being of rare or near-instinct resources found on some potentially inhabitable planets. Recently, a group of suspicious activists calling themselves the Recycling-Environment-Development group (RED) have been reported to be secretly harvesting rare ressources found on those planets, and this, under false pretences.They claim that their observation and information collecting activities help in documenting and in the preservation of rare resources, which is true. We now know that RED's supposedly secondary cause, the search for new inhabitable planets, is in fact their main objective. It has cost them a lot and have put them in a difficult financial position but it seems RED won't stop at anything to reach their goal. They are suspected of utilizing the very rare resources they claim to protect as an efficient alternative fuel for their outdated spaceship technology. The reward for finding a new home would be gigantic and bring a lot of money, new state-of-the-art spaceships and fame. Details about their true whereabouts are documented inside RedShip's computers. BLU has been ordered to seize RedShip and find the truth about RED's illegal use of this galaxy's valuable resources.REDSHIP is under attack!RED: Get outside and prevent theBLU from invading the ship!BLU: Make your way inside RedShipand get to the ship's core.Destroy it to take commands.Good luck!


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