Team Fortress 2: Achievement Sprays (v1.0)

66tf2_achievement_sprays_by_gekonody.zip —


This is a collection of sprays for any game that supports .tga-files. All raw-material are official TF2 .png's from Valve (Google them).

All credit to Valve



Hi, this is Gekonody typing.

To change the icon of a folder: right-click -> properties - > the right-most tab (configuration or something - norwegian OS), change icon.

To use sprays, open game (TF2) -> options -> multiplayer -> change spray.

These files are targeted at people who know how to use the files they download, if yoou don't know this and don't get my guide: GET BACK TO SIMS!

The following sprays and/or icons are all made by me, by using Valve's official Achievement png's (included in the icon folders). Feel free to use/share/remake these sprays and/or icons as much as you want.

All credit to Valve.

Thanks to: Valve, TF2 Developer Team, my trusty Logitech G15 (macros came in handy).

-Gekonody, with support and upload aid from battlefield.no

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