Team Fortress 2: CP Industrial Map (Beta 6)



IrishTaxiDriver has been working on this map in some form since December 07, and gotten a few servers to play it (Knifeback Mountain, 2fort2furious, PuniPuni na Are Server 1), but the author really needed more data to make this even better. he skipped beta 5 because of some problems I missed before the compile, and too many people had the map to release a new version.

The original idea behind the map was showing that BLU wasn't always the aggressor, RED attacks bases too. This in combination with the somewhat twisted layout, proved too much at one time for play testers. With beta 6 I swapped them back, reasoning that BLU is recapturing a base from RED.

This map has been a blast to make so far, please try it out and let. me. know. of. any. problems.

Changelog for beta 6:

-Swapped teams to their regular roles (BLU attacking, RED defending) -Gutted and rebuilt skybox -Re-themed some areas (Defending Respawn 2, Cap 5 - 6)


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