Team Fortress 2: CP Omaha Beach Map



This is a 5 point capture the point map. One team must hold all 5 points in the given time to win. Both red and blue start with two control points and have to attack the center point first. There are no setup gates so you have to be quick.



TeamFortress 2
TITLE: Omaha Beach
AUTHOR: Hades_9966
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: cp_omaha_beach.bsp 
FILESIZE: 26.5 mb 
DATE RELEASED: 02 April 2008

DESCRIPTION: This map is a 5 point CP map. There is no gates in the set up time so you have to make your way to the center point fast. Blue team starts in a boat and the Red team starts in the underground base but both sides have a similar layout.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the cp_omaha_beach.bsp file in ValveSteamSteamAppsUSERNAMEteam fortress 2tfmaps

PERMISSION: This map can be used for mods as long as credit is given to Hades_9966

CREDITS: Thanks to the entity guide by valve for the well cp entities.

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