Team Fortress 2: CP Plot Map (v2.1)



cp_plot_v2.1 is a 5 point control point level based set in an underground base. The map features some vertical fighting, HDR, detailed, and an even chance for each team to win. Version 2.1 is most likely the final version of this map as it has gone through numerous play tests and all bugs that were reported were fixed.



Map Title                : cp_plot_v2_1
Map Version              : 2.1	(February 9, 2009)
Author                   : NightWolf
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : http://inevmaps.hl2files.com     (don’t put www)


Game                     : Team Fortress 2
				Control Point Map

Map Size                 : Large map - 32 players

Number of spawns:        : 16 Spawns for Red Team
			 : 16 Spawns for Blu Team


Installation Instructions:

     Unzip cp_plot_v2.bsp into
     C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/<your account
     name>/team fortress 2/tf/maps folder or equivalent.


Construction Time: 

	-About 8 months (On and off work)

Known Bugs:

	-None that I know of
	-If you find any just email me at [email protected]


Additional Notes:

	-Let me know what you think on my websites forums or by email
	-Feel free to put this on your server and have fun playing it!



	-Added new route to last control points
	-Fixed players getting trapped in spawn rooms when point ownership changes
	-Made center control point take slightly longer to cap
	-Made last points take slightly longer to cap
	-Fixed dying in spawn rooms on change class
	-Added directional signs
	-Center control point now adds time to the clock on cap
	-Added new route from point 2 to 3 and point 4 to 3
	-Added extra entrance to point 3
	-Shortened point 3 sniper balconies
	-Added cap point cameras
	-Made the 2nd spawn area enterable only if the team owns the related point
	-Made 3rd spawn rooms exit only
	-Tweaked ammo/health amount and placement
	-Added and fixed other minor things that I cant remember

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