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Team Fortress 2: CP Rivers Edge Map (Beta 4)

cp_rivers_edge_b4.zip —


Rivers Edge combines closed spaces and open spaces in order to balance the gameplay.

Do not jump in the river, the water will sweep you down river until you hit rocks at it's mouth, therfore dying. There is a way out of the river right in front of the rocks, in the form of ramps and small bridges. Aim for the ramps when being swept down the river.

The ocean is deadly, do NOT jump in or you will die, there are signs in the map to remind you.

Please, have fun!

----~What's New?~---- - Less lag, better performance/fps. - The six broken spawns have been fixed. - The console errors listed due to Vphysics on some props have been fixed. - Added windows in place of the World Map portraits in the secondary spawns/resupplies.


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