Tower Defence Pack



testers. To achieve this, everybody can now play an ALPHA version of the gamemode.Before that, watch the most recent video, some screenshots and read about the mod in our website.The mod is made for 2 to 4 players, there are several bonuses that will help to beat the waves. You can have a minigun tower, a rocket tower, a jarate tower, trigger a saw that will cut the enemies... and more !How to playYou need (all of this is needed) :- a vanilla server (HLDS or a server you own) 26 slots at least, 32 is the best- metamod- sourcemod- SDK Hooks- then, extract this file in your server/HLDS folder (map + files)If you want to host a public server, please make it private because it is for 4 players max. But it should run fine in a free HLDS you can install in your computer.Keep in mind that it is an alpha version, and uncomplete, it HAS bugs.Once you played it, please do send feedback at : feedback @ tf2td.com, or post here !Major contributors : Visiteur - Gran PC - flyfloAlso : ryve, Wazz, DJ Tsunami, spike, newb, naris


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