Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress is now one of the most popular online action games of all time. In Team Fortress 1.5, players select one of many character classes — from Medic to Spy to Demolition Man – and enlist in a...

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Models Toon Fortress

This pack contains a minimal amount of cartoon models, enough so that TFC has a more toony feeling, but not enough to completely change ever...


Maps Levels Missions Doughnuts TFC Map Pack 2007

All the maps I've published including: 2plaza_r, Adobefort, Alliance, Arena_dm, Babel, Bonsai, Castello, ChooChoo_l, DoughsEngyJump_r, Gael...


Maps Levels Missions Crossfire TFC

TFC 4 team Nuke the enemy Map.


Tools And Utilities TFC's Original Textures

This file contains the Original textures for Team Fortress Classic. All the color coded walls, icons and doors.


Maps Levels Missions Big City

The map Big City has been modified for use with Team Fortress Classic. It includes team spawns, a teleporter to the highest roof, and bags...


Maps Levels Missions TCT2 Mega Map Pack

A map pack containing 57 maps for Team Fortress Classic.


Maps Levels Missions

Stormz2 TFC Map


Media Comparison

WaKKa vs Gogeta Airshot avi, comparing the shots from freshair.avi to the ones from phenomenom.avi


Maps Levels Missions Tightrope

This is Tightrope, a Team Fortress Classic map in which you play as either a Civilian, who walks the "tightropes," a Soldier, who tries to k...


Maps Levels Missions Nightrun

Large 16 vs 16 Attack and Defend map (Dustbowl type). Suitable for TFC and NeoTF. Map is set in a dark castle environment. Use the shadows i...


Media Canadias' Conc.

Need xvid.


Media TFC Forever Peview

Preview for a longer video to come


Maps Levels Missions PiMapPack

Team Pi Files


Maps Levels Missions Conc Map Pack

Nice conc map pack for TFC.


Media Jack's First TFC video

First video, not very good but it was my first =P


Maps Levels Missions Dark Skies

Dark Skies is a map for TFC.


Maps Levels Missions [187] Killing Grounds

Grab your team flag and take it to the bunker. good for about 6-12 people.


Maps Levels Missions Tu Phort - A 2fort Variant

I have built into this map a generator system similar to that of Tribes 2.


Modifications Plaskon Pack

Models, sprites, and monster sounds. See instructions.nfo for install details.


Maps Levels Missions TFC: STARGATE

Two teams, beginning on differant worlds, must both try to capture and hold a third planet by dialing their stargate to it.