Grab your tools and go! You can do many things in Terraria: make weapons and fight off a variety of enemies in numerous biomes, dig deep underground to find accessories, money, and other useful things...

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Media Terraria - Xbox Live & PSN Launch Trailer

The trailer provides a look at the adventure and new features that await.


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Media Terraria - New Content Trailer

Ahead of the release of Terraria on consoles next month weve got a brand new trailer for you which shows off the new console controls, 4-pla...


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Modifications Terraria Mod - L's Mod v0.1

It contains 4 Items: Swords: Unholy Sword, Holy Sword, and Jabby. Bars: Angelite Bar (For Holy Items)


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Media Terraria - Console Teaser Trailer

Terraria takes the block-building genre to the next level with significant amounts of material and items to collect. Players will experience...


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Modifications RomTerraria v2.0 RC4

In this build... - Readded real-time clock, but moved it to the lower-right corner. - Properly wired up 1.0.6 critical attack font to textu...


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Tools And Utilities Terrafirma v1.6.8 Installer

If "Use Textures" is grayed out, it's because the program can't find your Terraria directory.


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Modifications Terraria Trainer/Resolution Launcher v1.0.5

Terraria Trainer/Resolution Launcher is a simple trainer/resolution launcher for Terraria. Requires Steam and Terraria 1.0.5. Not a source h...


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Tools And Utilities Terraria Inventory Editor v2.5

If you are new to Terraria and havent yet completed the game without any cheats or hacks I would suggest staying away from this until you ha...


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Tools And Utilities Terraria Server Browser v1.3

Its awesome since it negates the need to go around looking for servers and you can server-hop to as many as youd like with no problem while...


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Modifications Terraria Mod - TNT Cannon

This mod puts a TNT cannon into Terraria. Now you can blow pixels up fluidly at your leisure.


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Modifications Terraria Mod - Constant Goblins

This mod enables constant waves of goblins to attack you in Terraria. To make it work, youll have to start the program with the command line...


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Modifications Terraria Mod - Mob Spawner

This mod enables players to spawn any mob from the mob database in Terraria.


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Skins Terraria Skin - Altair

This skin will change your player to Altair from Assassin's Creed!


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Skins Terraria Skins - My Little Pony Pack

Have you ever played Terraria and wished you were a pony instead of a sword-wielding bad ass? Wish granted! Now you can pick from a plethora...